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Our Wet & Wild Weekend at Baker’s Acres Campground

This post was sponsored by the Baker’s Acres Campground who provided us with a cabin overnight for 1 weekend, at no charge, for this article. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about New Jersey family campgrounds we think their family may enjoy.


Bakers Acres entrance



Our first visit to Baker’s Acres Campground & their Wet & Wild Weekend


Last summer, I told you how camping with my kids was on my bucket list. Knowing my kids though, I knew I needed to take our camping in stages, cabins >>> cooking outdoors >>>> tents. Last year we stayed in a cabin at the Sea Pirate Campground. We enjoyed it and the property, but I really didn’t take the time to work on my camping skills. We were too busy playing at the Tuckerton Seaport. This year, I was determined to make more progress. We drove down the road a bit to Baker’s Acres, where not only would I try to bring back some of the camping skills I had from my earlier Girl Scout days, but they would also be tested by some rainy weather.


Now that we have a dog that we can’t leave home alone. I took my boys camping alone while my husband stayed home with the dog. I haven’t ever grilled a meal. My husband does that. I haven’t started a campfire in 10+ years, but I was determined to try. How hard could it be? lol. After checking in at the Baker’s Acres Campground office, where my kids loved their pinball machine, we headed to our blue cabin. My boys couldn’t wait to get out of the minivan to explore.


Our Blue Cabin

Our Blue Cabin


My boys were fascinated by the cabin. Who would sleep on the top bunk? How does a futon work? Would they or wouldn’t they want to climb the ladder to the loft, where I would sleep?


Baker's Acres Campground cabin ladder

Climbing up to the loft, was one of their favorite things to do.


The Baker’s Acres Blue Cabin is two floors. The downstairs level has a minikitchen, living room, and small room for the kids. The upstairs area is a spacious loft with a queen mattress. Cooking can either be done in the microwave or outside on the gas grill or campfire. Take a look at our video.


Here’s our video tour of the Baker’s Acres Campground Cabin


The Baker’s Acres Campground Blue Cabin has

  • The front room
    • Futon
    • Rocking chair
    • Lighting
    • Portable fan
  • The kitchen area
    • Regular-sized refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Baker’s Rack with cabinets
    • Table with seating for 3-4 (depending on how you space out the folding chairs.)
  • There is a small room off the main front room that has 3 bunk beds. They criss cross like you see below.
  • Upstairs loft
    • Queen-size mattress
    • Shelving
    • Portable fan
  • In front of your cabin
    • Parking for 1 vehicle
    • Outdoor Sink/basin with water
    • Picnic Table
    • Barbecue Grill & Fire Pit

My boys love bunk beds. The height of the top bunk, looked higher than usual for them. I don’t think it really was. I think it’s more the perception of it being higher since there were 3 beds. My middle son ended up spending the night on the futon. Between the beds and futon and upstairs loft space, there is plenty of room for sleeping.


Baker's Acres Campground bunk bed
Although the ladder seemed daunting and scary to them at first; they spent plenty of time on it. I was thankful it was secured to the wall and frame. My boys climbed up and down this all weekend long. The spaciousness of the loft came in handy whenever the rain came out. Between that and the games we could borrow from Baker’s Acres, the rain did not ruin our plans for a fun weekend.


Bakers Acres loft


Baker’s Acres Campground offers

  • Playground
  • Inground Swimming Pool 4 feet to 8 feet.
Love the sandbox area in front of the pool.

Love the sandbox area in front of the pool.


  • Arcade Room
  • Gift Shop with souvenirs & basic groceries and RV and Camping Supplies
  • Free DVD / Video Library, you will need your own device to play them
  • Game Library


Baker's Acres Campground games


  • Pavilion (with special activities on weekends)
  • NEW Ball Field
  • Horseshoes
  • Volleyball
  • Full hookups • RV supplies • Dumping station •
  • Laundromat on the premises
  • Propane • Firewood • Ice • available for purchase


Roasting marshmallows at Baker's Acres.

Roasting marshmallows at Baker’s Acres.

After exploring the grounds and playground and making crafts in the pavilion, we headed back to the cabin to make dinner. I didn’t have much luck making a campfire. We would get it started and it would go strong for a few minutes, but as soon as we would add wood it would start to extinguish itself. We’d add more kindling, it would start up again. We’d add wood it would start to go out again. We had that experience both days. From what I understand, I might need more practice and the firewood logs might have been too big. I was thankful that we were able to get the fire going long enough to roast marshmallows and make smores. My children also got a lesson an important lesson in fire safety. Even when a fire appears to be out, it really isn’t until you drown it in water. Which we thoroughly did both days.


On our first night, I attempted my first grilled meal on the gas grill. It wouldn’t light. Here I was with plenty of chicken to cook and corn to grill and I was having no luck cooking it. Enter plan C, we had lunchmeat I brought from home and we used the microwave technique for making corn. On Saturday, when I had no luck again with the grill, I called the Baker’s Acres office for help. I was determined to get this right, and I wasn’t going to set the campgrounds on fire doing so. One of the staff members came down. I was thankful for the help. It turns out the ignition switch wasn’t working correctly. So it wasn’t just me. He left me with a lighter and I was set to go. When I grilled chicken nachos for lunch, my kids thought it was the best meal ever. And no one seemed to mind that we had chicken for dinner either.


Our Saturday was spent enjoying the Wet & Wild activities and Sunday was a lazy day on the Baker’s Acres campground enjoying the playground and pool. The Wet & Wild activities included water games, crafts, and an EPIC wet and wild hayride.


Baker's Acres Water gun

The Wet & Wild hayride is unlike any hayride we’ve ever experienced. Baker’s Acres has been doing this for years now and it has built up a reputation for being one of their most fun weekends. There are two ways to participate either on the hayride being squirted, drenched, and hosed down and squirting back or along the route soaking the participants. I will caution you this Wet & Wild hayride is like Christmas decorating to some campers. They go all out! You will get wet and you will get cold. Campers equip their areas with hoses and sprinklers. At some point as a hayride rider you feel like you are the car in a car wash. Other campers along the route splash riders with ice cold buckets of water. If you are lucky enough to get through the first lap without getting wet, you will get drenched along later laps around the campgrounds. There is no safe spot to sit on the hayride to stay dry. (My phone only stayed dry because it was wrapped in towels that were inside a water-resistant bag that I sat on during the entire ride.)


After 2 or 3 laps, we were soaked and very cold. It ended up being too much for my children especially the 6 year old. We were thankful for an older rider who encouraged our driver to stop so we could get off. Yes, we were warned it would get cold and very wet, but being first timers I don’t think we were prepared for it. If my children were older and the day hotter, I think they would have loved it. For the younger kids keep their temperament in mind and plan accordingly. You can always join the campers along the route and take part in getting the riders wet.


Baker’s Acres Campgrounds offers these camping accommodations

  • Tent Camping
  • Basic & Deluxe Cabins
  • Cottages
  • Hook up sites for RVs


What you should know if you stay at the Baker’s Acres Campground

  • Cabins do not have indoor plumbing or bathrooms. Private bathrooms are just a short walk away.
  • Bring a flashlight if you plan to make bathroom trips or night-time walks.
  • If the weather is warmer leave the fan and AC on during the day. There are many vents that allow air to move from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor but it will take time for the upstairs loft to cool off if you haven’t had the air on.
  • If your children are scared of the dark, leave the kitchen light on. Although we had windows in every room and some moonlight could come through.
  • You will need to take your own trash with you, but there is a dumpster before you leave where you can discard it.
  • Cable Tv hookup is available, but you need to bring your own tv.
  • Limited free Wi-fi is available on the grounds. Additional devices can be connected for $1 per device.
  • The Baker’s Acres Campground does not supply bedding or towels. I used sleeping bags for my boys to make it more convenient.


What we loved most about the Baker’s Acres Campground

Baker’s Acres Campground has family friendly events almost every weekend. It’s a great weekend getaway because you can provide your kids a great balance of planned activities and spontaneous fun. We took a wet hayride and my youngest jumped off a diving board for the first time. (He was thrilled beyond words that I let him do it.)


I loved that the office is open late. Even when the weather wouldn’t cooperate we could put on our ponchos and head there to pick up a game to borrow. While I had difficulty cooking for my kids, it was a lesson for my kids on how to handle challenges and overcome them. They thought my chicken nachos were restaurant-worthy and they played games together, nicely, in our cabin loft.


Baker’s Acres Campground has great family weekends planned throughout the summer into October. So don’t wait visit here to plan your camping trip there.


Baker’s Acres Campground

Is located at 230 Willets Avenue, Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.


View more of our Baker’s Acres Campground photos in our Facebook Gallery.


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Saturday 4th of July 2020

I am interested in staying in a cottage for 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children from August 22-25. Please let me know availibility and price. I am flexible all throughout August.

Jennifer A.

Monday 6th of July 2020

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