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Recently, we joined Karen, from a Magical Mommy and other Philadelphia Social Media Moms for a cupcake playdate at Kidz Creations in Ocean City. With our kids at our side and REAL cupcakes nearby we were all set to try Endless Games’ newest game Cupcake Race. What a fun time we had. I played with my 3 boys, ages 4, 6, and 7, but in the room we had boys and girls playing of all ages.


Cupcake Race includes

  • Everything you need to assemble 4 pretend plastic cupcakes (wrappers, inserts, frosting, cherries, and sprinkles)
  • Foldable game board
  • Spinner & 4 party hats (game pieces for each player)





Playing Endless Games’ Cupcake Race

Everyone starts at the beginning of the game with their party hat piece on the starting spot. As you move around the board you pretend to create your cupcake. You mix it at one of the first stops and collect your cupcake wrapper. At another stop you bake it and collect the cupcake insert. Later on you arrive at another space where you frost your cupcake by adding the plastic frosting. Along the way you are collecting sprinkles of different colors. Occasionally, you may lose a turn, or advance or go back a few spaces. Finally, you get to another spot where you can add your sprinkles to your cupcake.  The winner is the first person to get their decorated cupcake to the finish spot and add a cherry to it.


|Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


Surprisingly, once my boys realized everyone had an equal chance of landing on spaces to win and lose sprinkles and that we all were moving at about the same pace around the board, things went well. There were no sore losers. Of course, mommy (me) came in last place.  But that’s okay. It was all in good, sweet fun.


 Watch Brian, from Endless Games, give a quick demonstration of how to play Cupcake Race

Tips to playing the Cupcake Race Game

  • Each cupcake only holds 12 sprinkles. You may end up collecting more than you need. So either swap out what colors you have extra for what you need or just stop collecting them when you get an excess. Hold onto some, because you can lose them.
  • There are different ways to make the game easier or more challenging depending on your children’s ages. For example, since this was our first time playing we didn’t require that they have sprinkles in all the different colors.
  • Make the game more fun by preparing REAL cupcakes that can bake as you play. After they cool down and your are done playing, frost them, and enjoy.


Putting the sprinkles on his cupcake. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


Want your own Endless Game Cupcake Race for your kids?


Visit our Facebook Gallery for more pictures from our Cupcake Playdate.


In full disclosure, we were provided with 2 Endless Games Cupcake Race board games, one for our review. The other is for our giveaway. As always, our opinions are honest and based on our experience with the Cupcake Race game.



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