Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE®. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe it? The summer is just about gone. Some kids started school in August and my boys started just last week. While I’ve loved having the boys home with me, I know we were all eager for the school year to start. They wanted to see their friends again and I wanted to get back to a regular routine.


Of course, with every new school year, there are supplies to be bought and preparations that have to be done. Now with my second son officially starting middle school, I’ve come to appreciate that helping my older tween boys get ready for school is different than helping my little guy.


Middle school brings with it changing bodies, more self-awareness on their part, and more responsibility at school. My tween boys want to not only do their best in school but they also want to look and feel their best. With that in mind, my almost-teen and I sat down to think about how we might share some back to school tips for tween and teen boys.


Back to School tips for Tween & Teen Boys


Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys

  • Over prepare! Between how much my boys have to carry between classes and all they are thinking about (or not), there is a chance that they will forget to have some of the basic school supplies with them for each class. I can remember, as a teacher, how often my students would arrive without pencils. To avoid all that, I over prepare. In each of their school binders, I include a pencil bag. I fill those pencil bags with pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, a pencil sharpener and other items. This way they are ready to start class when their teacher is.


  • Have your boys try on all of their clothing, especially jeans. Tween boys don’t seem to stop growing. My boys have experienced many growth spurts over the summer. What might have fit at the end of last school year can suddenly be too short. Adolescent boys can be just as self-conscious about their appearance as girls. By taking the time to re-evaluate their clothing, you help them avoid embarrassing moments and avoid morning battles with you over what to wear.


Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys backpack looking out

Backpack packed and looking ahead to a new school year.


  • This might be the best of our back to school tips for tween and teen boys. Make sure your boys don’t smell! Speaking of avoiding embarrassing moments, I remember when I noticed that my oldest son started to smell. It was in a car ride home from a game or a hot day at school. That eww moment was also a wake-up call for me. I wondered if they were smelling like that during the school day. Even though he was only 11 years old, I thought I had a few years before the deodorant discussion, but it was clear that I didn’t. After that moment, my older boys and I started discussing deodorant, body sprays, and dry sprays and the need to use them every day, not just when they have sports practice. I even shared this funny video from AXE® with them. Take a look.


When I was prepping to have this discussion with my boys, I also found out that most guys don’t know how or when to use AXE body and dry sprays!

• In fact, 64% of young guys think body spray and dry spray are the same thing.

• AND 1 in 2 guys think that they should apply body spray to their underarms, but that’s actually the wrong way to apply it.

*Ipsos Body Spray Drivers and Barriers, 2017 or Ipsos, 2017


Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys AXE products

Have your tween and teen boys use AXE to avoid awkward & embarrassing smelly moments at school.


So, what they use and how they use the products will depend on the AXE product and the situation. To learn more about AXE and the proper usage of its products, visit

• When they want to smell great, tween boys and teens should use AXE YOU Body Spray to stay fresh all-day long. They should simply apply AXE deodorant body spray in a “7” motion across their chest, and for only as long as it takes to say the word “AXE.”

• • Tween and teens boys should use AXE dry spray antiperspirant to stay dry for up to 48 hours. AXE dry spray antiperspirant should be applied under their arms for sweat protection (in place of an antiperspirant stick).


Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys AXE with N

Finishing his morning routine with one final look in the mirror.


  • Another one of our back to school tips for tween and teen boys, pack bigger lunches! Speaking of growing boys, that same brown bag lunch of peanut butter & jelly that you used to pack is probably not enough anymore. Consider what else you can include to help them refuel for the rest of the school day. For my almost teen, I pack two sandwiches each day. For his younger, tween, brother coming up behind him, I make 1 ½ sandwiches.


Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys sandwiches

Your growing tween may need TWO sandwiches in his lunchbox.


  • Find out how gym class works. When my boys were younger, they had gym class once a week. Now that they are older, they have gym twice a week. In high school, gym class can be 4-5 times a week, so it’s important to know how often your kids have gym class and how it’s structured. Will they just participate in their regular clothing? Wear gym clothes on certain days? Will they need to change with other boys in a locker room? Will there be showers? You’ll want your kids to be prepared and again avoid any potentially embarrassing or awkward moments. Make sure you’ve given them ways to stay dry, like packing AXE Signature Gold Antiperspirant Dry Spray in their gym bags or AXE YOU Body Spray to freshen up, and you’ve talked about locker room etiquette.


Back to School Tips for Tween & Teen Boys gym bag

Make sure his gym bag includes AXE to freshen up after gym class.


  • Keep in touch with the school. Ask questions often. One of the biggest adjustments we have had to make from grade school to middle school is being proactive about communication between my sons’ teachers, administration, and us. Starting in middle school, students are expected to take more responsibility. School flyers aren’t automatically sent home. Students are expected to get them and bring them home. The same goes for absences. When my son missed a few days of school in 6th grade, I made the mistake of assuming that his teachers had communicated with him what he missed. That wasn’t the case and unfortunately, by the time I found out, it was too late. He had already missed several assignments. Middle school students are expected to be very responsible and proactive. If your tween son isn’t ready for that, you’ll want to communicate with his teachers often to help him have the best chance of success for the school year.


Do you have a tween or teen boy? What would you add to our list of back to school tips for tween and teen boys?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE.

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