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Baby Tooth Album Keepsakes ~ Special Ways to Store Baby Teeth

What do you do with your children’s baby teeth?

How are you storing your child’s baby teeth?

I remember how special it was when my first son lost his first tooth. I tucked it away in an envelope and put it in a dresser drawer. I made sure to label it carefully with his name and date. Then, he lost another baby tooth, and another, and so on. This pattern started to repeat itself once his younger brothers started loosing their baby teeth. And all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with storing baby teeth.


Either I needed a better way to store baby teeth or my gig as the tooth fairy would be discovered. I asked my friends, what do they do with their children’s baby teeth. Do they store the baby teeth or toss them? The range of answers were surprising. But one friend introduced me to the Baby Tooth album company.

The Baby Tooth album had perfect solutions to my problem!


storing baby teeth

Showing off his baby tooth, he lost at school.

I reached out to them and they gladly sent me a sample of their albums. These baby tooth albums are a great way to store baby teeth. We received a Baby Tooth Memory Book, Baby Tooth Flapbook, and Tooth Fairy Kit from Baby Tooth Album at no cost to review. You can find them on Amazon using our affiliate links below.


Baby Tooth Album has truly beautiful products that turn your child’s baby teeth into a keepsake for you to treasure as they grow. One evening, I introduced my boys to these baby teeth memory books. I talked to them about how the Tooth Fairy was gifting them these books and returning their baby teeth to them. Each of my sons now has his own album to store his baby teeth. The baby tooth albums have a special place for each tooth and a place to write the date the tooth was lost.


Yes, the Tooth Fairy still visits!


Our Tooth Fairy visits are much less stressful. When one of my sons looses a baby tooth, we slide it into the baby tooth organizer and mark the date. Then, we leave it on their nightstand. When the Tooth Fairy visits at night she simply slides the money into the pages of the book. There’s still quiet tiptoeing but I’m, I mean the Tooth Fairy, does not have to risk waking up a sleeping child by reaching under a pillow.


As a mom these baby tooth albums relieve a lot of mom guilt for me. I don’t have a drawer of baby teeth causing me guilt by reminding me I hadn’t organized the kids’ baby teeth. Instead their baby teeth are neatly organized and I have a journal of when each of my child lost their baby teeth. Bonus, some of these albums have special pages to store pictures of your child with their missing teeth or write about the memory of that first lost tooth.


3 options for storing baby teeth


Baby Tooth Memory Book

This memory book also contains a baby tooth organizer with a rotating clear plastic cover. There are spots for you to place your favorite pictures in the memory book as well as your child’s letters to the Tooth Fairy. There is even a Baby Tooth Chart included that helps you keep track of dates the teeth fell out, as well as places for special notes. You can find the Baby Tooth Memory Book with our Amazon affiliate link.


  • Baby Tooth Organizer
  • 8 Memory Pages
  • Baby Tooth Guide
  • Tooth Fairy Sticker Sheet
Baby Tooth Memory Book

Baby Tooth Memory Book


Baby Tooth Memory Book

Inside pages and stickers from the Baby Tooth Memory Book


Baby Tooth Album – Tooth Fairy Land Collection

This flapbook and tooth organizer is a simple way to save your children’s baby teeth. Simply add their “toothless” photos and baby teeth! You can find the Baby Tooth Album – Tooth Fairy Land Collection at this link on Amazon.


  • Baby Tooth Organizer
  • Baby Tooth Guide
Baby Tooth Album - Tooth Fairy Land Collection

Baby Tooth Album – Tooth Fairy Land Collection


Baby Tooth Album Fairyland Complete Collection Kit, also known as The Complete Tooth Fairy Kit

This is the ultimate collection of everything you could need to save your children’s baby teeth for them to see as they grow older. From a tooth pouch to a keepsake box, it turns losing baby teeth into a beautiful memory. It really makes a unique and incredible gift. Click over to Amazon to buy this Baby Tooth Album Fairyland Complete Collection Kit. The Tooth Fairy will thank you.


  • Hand Crafted Baby Tooth Keepsake Box
  • Baby Tooth Pouch
  • Tooth Fairy Door Hanger
  • Tooth Fairy Stationery
  • Baby Tooth Chart
Complete Tooth Fairy Kit Baby Tooth Album Fairyland Complete Collection Kit

The Complete Tooth Fairy Kit


What do you do when your child looses a baby tooth?



Are your kids to little for losing their baby teeth? Do you have more children coming? Pin for later so you’ll be ready when the next child loses their baby teeth.


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