The Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey’s Open Cockpit Days

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In celebration of National Aviation Month we visited the Aviation Hall of Fame in New Jersey.


Aviation Hall of Fame

Did you know that November is National Aviation Month?

Neither did I.   It came to my attention recently and I thought to myself…what would be great to commemorate it with? Luckily I found that the Aviation Hall of Fame was holding their open cockpit day early in the month. So I grabbed the gang and we headed out!

Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ

Open Cockpit Days are held by the The Aviation Hall of Fame museum six times a year. During these days, the museum opens the cockpits of many of its airplanes, helicopters and fire trucks and visitors get hands on cockpit understanding.

Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ


What’s best is that the guides on hand are pilots themselves and can answer questions about controls and instrumentation with precise detail. Although this will amaze young children, young at heart adults will find it all the more fascinating. The very notion that we could all touch everything was especially great. So few things have so many bells and whistles anymore so the ability to click things over and pull levers would bring out the kid in even the most mature of adults.


Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ

But beyond this, the museum offers an eclectic mix of vintage paraphernalia and historic items that gives it value on days that aren’t open cockpit. You can use  a computer simulator to land a plane.

Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ

Or see the first American hovercraft, rockets and engines. See the The Aviation Hall of Fame and learn about those Aviation Legends who came from New Jersey.  You’d be surprised to see how many of them there are!

Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ

There’s even a program where participants as young as 8 can learn basic aerodynamic theory.

Here are some things to know about the Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey at Teterboro Airport:

  • There is on site parking for several cars but during special events like open cockpit day and Father’s Day, parking overflows down the road leading up to the museum.  If you are stuck parking along the road, note that there are no sidewalks so grab hold of little hands!
  • Budget at least an hour for the museum itself (not outdoor displays.)  The exhibits flow well from room to room starting with a brief video on aviation.  There is a lot to touch and a lot to see, so although small, the The Aviation Hall of Fame museum packs a lot of information in.
  • They have great special events like the Open Cockpit and a Santa fly in.  Go to the website and visit their calendar of events for more information. Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ
  • The Aviation Hall of Fame is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
  • General Admission Cost
    • Regular Entry $7.00
    • Children & Seniors $5.00
    • Group Rates (10 or more*) $6.00 adults, $4 Seniors & children (*includes a museum guide)

Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ

You can visit the Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey‘s website for more information. It is located in Teterboro Airport. The address is 400 Fred Wehran Road, Teterboro, NJ 07608 .


You can also click over to see our list of New Jersey Events, to learn about more places to visit.

This blog post was written by Dianne while she was a blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.


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