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Atlantic City’s iconic Steel Pier is the oldest amusement pier at the JerseyShore.  A trip to AC isn’t complete without stopping here.  I recently took my kiddos up there for a day of fun.


The Steel Pier is located directly across from the Trump Taj Mahal.  Since street parking is harder than it sounds, I chose to park in the Taj Mahal parking garage.  During the week it’s only $5.00 to park.


The vestibule is lined with typical boardwalk games of chance, squirt gun races, pop the balloons, and rubber ducky race.  Here’s a tip from a local:  while the games are fun to play, the only one you can win a decent prize at without spending $20.00 or more is the squirt gun races.  That is unless you have horrid aim.


The pier is quant compared to other amusement piers at the shore, but it still packs a punch for the 42” or taller crowd. Here’s the break down by height:


Wet Boats 3 tix 30” minimum 48” maximum
Jump Cycles 3 tix 30” minimum 60”maximum


Chopper Train 3 tix 36” minimum 60” maximum
Climbing Wall 4 tix maximum 250 lbs.
Kiddie Coaster 3 tix 36” minimum
Kite Flyer 3 tix 36” minimum 42” w/o adult
Mini Rocket 3 tix 38” minimum 42” w/o adult
Red Baron 3 tix 36” ride alone / under 36” w/adult
Dragon Jet 3 tix 36”minimum 60” maximum



Carousel 3 tix 42” w/o adult
Crazy Mouse Coaster 7 tix 48” minimum 54” w/o adult
Monster Plung 5 tix 47” minimum 51” w/o adult
Rocket $25 includes tax 44” minimum
Rock n Roll 5 tix 48” to ride
Scooters 4 tix 42” minimum 50” w/o adult
Sea Dragon 5 tix 42”minimum 48” w/o adult
Tilt 4 tix 46” minimum

Giant Wheel 3 tix 50” ride alone 40” minimum w/adult
Go Karts 7 tix 54” minimum



One benefit is the pier isn’t as crowded during the day, so that means no wait.  With little ones, this is crucial.  One drawl back is the pier is geared more toward older kids.   My three boys landed in the 40” and under range, which wasn’t pretty.  My 11 year old had a blast though.


There are 7 rides my two boys 6 and 8 could ride on adult free.  There are 9 if you include the smaller children’s rides.  However, my two boys snubbed their noses at Chopper Train and Red Barron.  They thought they were too babyish.  My sons loved the rock climbing wall.  Please note that if you purchase a wrist band, you are only allowed one rock climb per band.  You’d have to purchase additional tickets to climb again.


If your have children who are in the 41” and under height range this pier might not be your best bet.  While they have a few really great rides, there are a couple that are less than fun.  A few, I think, are missing the mark as far as height restrictions.  For instance, the Chopper Train just goes around in circles.  It definitely seems like a ride more suited for my 2 ½ year old.  I was also surprised to see the Tilt- a- Whirrl have a 46” minimum height requirement.  That just isn’t so at most other shore piers


If you’re staying in AC with a little one who is two or three, The Steel Pier is a quick fun stop.  My two year happily went on the Wet Boats and Jump Cycles at least 5 times each. He could ride the Red Baron planes, and Carousel, but only if I accompanied him. It’s definitely not worth it to purchase wrist bands for small children, as their rides are only 3 tickets each.  Tickets were also NOT required for the adult accompanying the 2 year old on the ride.


My 11 year old was in her glory.  Her favorite ride was the spinning Crazy Mouse Coaster, and the Monster Plunge.  She rode just about all the rides on the pier, and happily declared, “I had the best time ever!”  With no lines, and approximately 15- 17 rides to go one, she had a great time.


Ticket Prices:

Single Tickets


35 Ticket Book with coupons


80 Ticket Book with coupons


200 Ticket Book with coupons


Wristband Day – Every Thursday
Unlimited Rides – Some restrictions may apply




Special Attractions (additional fees)

Specials and Attraction Pricing



The Rocket
(Sling Shot)

$20.00 per person
$10.00 DVD or T-Shirt

Special Package for Two
$55.00 Includes 2 riders, 1 DVD, 2 T-Shirts


Helicopter Ride Pricing

Tour Route


Shore Line Ride

$49.00 per person

Due to escalating gas prices there will be an additional $5 surcharge per person

All ticket prices were taken directly from The Steel Pier Ticket info page.


This blog post was written by guest blogger, Karen A Magical Mommy.


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