Meet AryaBall: One Dad’s Solution to Get His Kids More “Green Time”

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Meet Aryaball, the 5-1 with a mission to get kids excited about playing outside.

Meet Aryaball, a versatile sports ball with a mission to get kids excited about playing outside.

Do you have trouble getting your kids away from their screens and electronic devices? One dad in California, saw a need to get his kids away from their electronic devices and outside for more “green time”, and used it as inspiration to reinvent the soccer ball.

Meet the AryaBall!

AB_exploded2What is the AryaBall?
The high quality foam AryaBall combines 5 sports- soccer, football, baseball, golf, and a flying disc.


How did the AryaBall come to be?
Babak took his son to the park to throw the football, but the trip was cut short because he didn’t bring along the soccer ball too. Inspired by his own childhood memories of staying out until his mom called him for dinner, Babak invented a solution.  After buying a 3D printer, a slew of foam balls, a blow torch, and making numerous prototypes, the Aryaball and Bat were born. Now, with the Aryaball, you’ll never need to leave the park because you want to play a different sport.


Where can I get the AryaBall?
That’s the coolest part. The AryaBall isn’t available in stores, yet. Actually, the Kickstarter Campaign to fund the tooling needed to bring the AryaBall to production is just kicking off this week.


As a mom with two young boys, I think this is a fantastic solution for families looking to enjoy more time outside together. Plus, who wants a trunk or garage full of sports equipment when you can store them all in one ball? AryaBall will be at this year’s Toy Fair in New York City, and we plan to stop by and talk with the inventor, Babak, about his creative solution to a common problem for families.


Want a sneak peek at the campaign video? Watch here to see Babak’s story about how the AryaBall came to be and what you can do to help support bringing it to production.


If you support AryaBall’s mission to help kids across the country be more active and “help families enjoy a little less screen time and a lot more green time” then contributing to the Kickstarter Campaign is a great way to show your support. I really love some of the success stories I’ve seen out of Kickstarter, including Goldie Blox (who we’ll also visit at Toy Fair). Hopefully, we can say the same about Aryaball when it’s a smashing success!


Click here, if you agree that Aryaball is a cool toy and a unique solution to a worthwhile mission and want to help us spread the word!


In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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