It’s time to Snuggle Up to the New Animated Peter Rabbit Movie

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Everyone loves a cozy bedtime story, especially when it is a time-honored Beatrix Potter tale about adorable and mischievous bunny rabbits.


About the Peter Rabbit movie

From Sony Pictures Animation, Peter Rabbit, focuses on Peter’s feud with Mr. McGregor, (Domhnall Gleeson), and how it escalates to greater heights than ever before as they rival for the affections of the warm-hearted animal lover who lives next door (Rose Byrne). Peter Rabbit, the beloved star of the Beatrix Potter books, is the adventurous hero who has captivated generations of readers, and now takes on the starring role of his own irreverent, contemporary comedy with attitude. Based on the classic story, the bunnies have to come up with elaborate plans to get their garden back. Depending on the perspective, they are seen as lovable creatures or pests, who want to have the pick of the veggies in the garden.

Animated Peter Rabbit Movie


Watch the Peter Rabbit movie trailer


The Peter Rabbit movie cast

Actor and talk show host James Corden voices the character of Peter with playful spirit and wild charm. The voices of the adorable sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail are played by Elizabeth Debicki, Daisy Ridley and Margot Robbie.


The recording process was more pleasure for the actors than anything else. Margot Robbie (I Tonya and Suicide Squad) who plays Flopsy, Peter’s middle sister who is nervous and awkward says she loved doing the voice work for the movie. “I had never been involved in an animated/live action film before, so it was a new process for me,” she said. “It’s kind of liberating, being the voice of an animated character where you can kind of concentrate on the voice as opposed to your physical actions. It was just fun exploring being a rabbit.”


Animated Peter Rabbit Movie


Elizabeth Debicki plays Mopsy, Peter’s eldest sister who is feisty and stubborn, called the experience “lovely. I think finding the voices it’s so interesting when you make an animated film because you contribute some and then you see what the character starts to look like as the animation grows and then that might change what you do with your voice a little bit.” She said that when she watched the film for the first time she “could see sort of see us in the bunnies, too. I have to say that I just love Flopsy so much. I think she has the sweetest little voice I’ve ever heard. I’m so in love with her, and Mopsy. It was a really fun process.”


About Peter Rabbit movie actor James Corden

James Corden is the very funny, well-respected 39-year-old British actor, husband, and father of three, (son, Max, 6, daughter, Carey, 3, and infant daughter), is the host of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” on CBS.


Animated Peter Rabbit Movie


Interview with Peter Rabbit movie actor James Corden

The following is an exclusive interview with Peter Rabbit movie actor James Corden.


What would you would like each child who sees this movie to walk away learning from it? 

James Corden:  Well, I’m very fortunate. My son, Max, is six and he saw the film and we talked about it afterwards. I hadn’t really realized that this would be something that kids might take away from it until he brought it up with me.  He said, ‘The thing that I love about the film is that everybody makes mistakes, and everyone’s going to make mistakes, so, it’s inevitable. But what’s important is not the mistake that you make, it’s how your react to that mistake and the person you are after that mistake. So, remarkably, that’s what he took away from the film. 


Please tell me more.

James: Well, I thought that was a really kind of amazing thing to understand, that it’s who you are and how you react in places where you may have gone, ‘I messed up. and it’s what you do then.’ If kids can come away with that, that would be really amazing. That’s what my son sort of thought about it, and I thought well that’s a wonderful message really.


Animated Peter Rabbit Movie


Do you have an interest in feature films?

James: Yes. I’m doing a little bit in the movie Ocean’s 8, but it can be tricky juggling all of this. Any parents will tell you that you don’t ever really want to go away and leave your children. So, I feel very lucky that I have a job that allows me to be around them, and even luckier that I get to be in this orbit for a moment.


I have seen you in many animated movies.  So, am I going to see you some time in another real-life movie?

James:  Well, maybe. I don’t know.  I have this other job as a talk show host which takes up quite a lot of my time. 


You are the one and only Peter Rabbit in this charming movie.  Please tell me about channeling your inner bunny for this role. 

James: In the conversations that we were having with the film’s director, Will Gluck, it was never really about channeling an inner rabbit.


Animated Peter Rabbit Movie


So, tell me what it was about?

James: It was mostly about how we find a way to honor this Beatrix Potter character that is so beloved. We talked about how do we unlock this kind of loveable, mischievous character that has been created in these beautiful books, and now be able to honor it in this film? 


Please tell me more about the discussions.

James: I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with a director and writer like Will, who just understood the legacy of that character, and the world that it lives in; and more than anything, just wants to re-introduce this character to so many young people, who then hopefully will leave the movie theatre, and go out and discover these incredible books.


Tell me more.

James: I feel that ever so slightly, that fraud stood between the non-voice actors Domhnall and Rose, who were out there really doing all this proper acting, where I just was able to turn up in my pajamas, and do this for a few hours at a time.


Is that actually your method that you show up in you PJs?

James:  Well, it didn’t really matter what I wore. 


But you wore something?

James:  Yes, of course. I was very much clothed throughout the whole process. That would have been really strange if I wasn’t; don’t you think?


The animated Peter Rabbit movie is now playing in theaters.


Animated Peter Rabbit Movie


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