5 Things to Do During the Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days

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In full disclosure, this visit to the Adventure Aquarium was sponsored by the Adventure Aquarium. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to share fun things to do in New Jersey with our readers.


Our family moved to New Jersey in late June and we have already visited Adventure Aquarium a bunch of times, but when given the opportunity to visit during Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days! We knew we had to go again. My kids have two favorite things: visiting Ginny and Button (the hippos) during their feeding time and crossing the Shark Bridge so that we can walk above the sharks as they swim. With all of the interactive exhibits, our family easily spends about 3-4 hours here each time. One of our favorite things (as parents) about Adventure Aquarium is that you are able to bring in your own food. This makes it easy – and cheaper! – to spend a few hours at the aquarium. Even though we have enjoyed every trip to the aquarium, there is something special about visiting it during Christmas time!


5 Things to do at the Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days


5 Things to Do During the Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days

During Christmas Underwater Days, Adventure Aquarium spreads Christmas cheer in all of their tanks! There are special Christmas activities that are offered at different times during the day and they are likely to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Between visiting with Scuba Santa, catching a glimpse of the largest underwater Christmas Tree, playing in the indoor snow flurries, and visiting all the decorated tanks, your family will have a ton of fun with these Adventure Aquarium Christmas activities! My kids have really been in the holiday spirit and the Christmas Underwater Days are a great way to get out and enjoy the Aquarium and Christmas!!!


Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days Scuba Santa


Watch Scuba Santa’s el-fish helpers

Scuba Santa has many El-fish helpers around the Aquarium. The best place to hear the El-fish helpers talk about how they get the Aquarium decorated for Christmas is the Ocean Realm Theater for an “I Believe in Scuba Santa” story. My kids are 5 and 7 years old and really enjoyed listening to the El-fish talk about decorating because they said it was like how we decorated our house. The El-fish looks for a volunteer and if your little one is quick and excited, he/she just might get picked to help. However, neither of my kids were chosen and they still loved the story. This presentation is about 15 minutes and ends with Scuba Santa swimming into the tank. You will get a brief glimpse of Scuba Santa swimming before he moves down to the Panoramic Window.


Take a picture with Scuba Santa

After leaving the Ocean Realm Theater, you can stop by the Panoramic Window to watch Scuba Santa swim with the Ocean Realm residents. If you get close enough to the window, Scuba Santa will blow you kisses, wave, give high fives and stop for pictures. You can also see one of his elves swimming with him! The Panoramic Window really is the best way to see Santa and to get your kids up close to him for a picture. Obviously, when he first comes out the window is extremely crowded, but if you give it a few minutes the crowd starts to dissipate. While you wait for Santa, there is a spot for your family to take a professional picture in Santa’s sled or you can mail your letter to Santa by putting it in the Express Mailbox. While we waited for the Panoramic Window to become less crowded, my kids rounded the corner to the “Touch a Shark” exhibit where you get a chance to put your hands in the water with some of the most exotic sharks. Keep an eye on the Panoramic Window though, because you don’t want to miss Scuba Santa before he leaves!


Pose with Scuba Santa at Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days


Play in the snow!

In the Rotunda, your family can enjoy the magic of the indoor snow flurries! During the week, snow will fall inside every hour on the hour from 10:00am – 3:00pm. On the weekends, you can see the snow fall every hour on the hour from 10:00am – 4:00pm. On Christmas Eve & Christmas, the snow will fall at 12:00pm, 1:00pm and 2:00pm. The snow doesn’t last too long so I would make sure that your family is there at the start of the hour.

You can stand anywhere in the Rotunda to experience the joy of the snow fall!


indoor snow at Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days


Listen to Santa’s El-fish Read a Story 

Before heading into the Shark Tunnel, sit and listen to Santa’s El-fish read The Story of the Underwater Christmas Tree. Before the El-fish begins the story, she looked for helpers to tell it so get your kids up close so they have a chance. There is plenty of room for all of the kids to sit and most parents stood in the back or sat on the benches. My kids loved the story of the Christmas Tree because they got to be a part of it but even if your child doesn’t want to be involved, it is still a great story to listen to.

The story is told directly in front of the underwater Christmas Tree and lasts about 10 minutes.


Gaze at the Largest Underwater Christmas Tree

After the story, make sure to take a look at the largest underwater Christmas Tree. Your kids can get up close and take a picture with the tree and if you time it carefully, you’ll get some of the sharks swimming around near it. The only other view you can get of the underwater tree is if you cross the Shark Bridge and look at it from above (which is cool but you only see the top of the tree!). The underwater Christmas Tree is also the perfect spot to sit and take a break because you can gaze at the tree as you relax in the rocking chairs nearby!


Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days underwater christmas tree is the largest underwater Christmas tree


Learn more about the Adventure Aquarium

  • For more details about the all the Adventure Aquarium Christmas Underwater Days, please visit the Adventure Aquarium website.
  • The Adventure Aquarium is open from 9:30am – 4:00pm during the week and 9:30am – 5:00pm on the weekends. Regular admission tickets are $31.99 for adults and $23.99 for children ages 2-12. You can save money by buying your tickets online!
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  • To learn more about our visits to the Adventure Aquarium visit our Adventure Aquarium series.


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