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An Updated Look at Adventure Aquarium

    This post was sponsored by Adventure Aquarium who provided us with tickets to visit. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do in New Jersey and New Jersey Aquariums that we think your family may enjoy.


Hippo Haven, the newest renovated exhibit at the Adventure Aquarium.

Hippo Haven, the newest renovated exhibit at the Adventure Aquarium.


Adventure Aquarium

Rain or shine, weekend or school holiday, Adventure Aquarium makes a great day trip for families with it’s 4 aquatic zones with fun for kids at every stop.


Adventure Aquarium Adventure Zone A

What Zone A includes:

  • Irazu Falls
  • Crocodile River
  • Touch-a-shark
  • Shipwrecked: Seahorses, eels, lobsters & tropical fish
  • Ocean Realm: Great Hammerhead Shark, Sea Turtles & Stingrays

Start off your journey through Zone A you will be happy you did as you come across some cut crocodiles under the water. Stay a while and take some time out to take some pictures and get to know the crocodiles. Another part of the trip that we enjoyed was the touch a shark tank. We came early in the morning and all the sharks were on one side of the tank sleeping on top of each other. They normally sleep until 2 pm in the afternoon. For me, coming when they were asleep was just the right time since my children were not scared to touch them. I even touched a shark. What’s great about the area is that there are paper towels and hand sanitizer right next to the touch-a-shark tanks, no need to stop into the bathroom to dry off (because you will get a little wet in this area).

My son pets a shark at the touch-a-shark station like a pro!

My son pets a shark at the touch-a-shark station like a pro!


Adventure Aquarium Adventure Zone  B

What Zone B includes:

  • Stingray Beach Club
  • Penguin Island
  • 4D Theater
How does it feel when a string ray eats out of your hands?

How does it feel when a string ray eats out of your hands?


The stingray beach club was by far the most fun for us! There is the main area for bigger kids and adults everyone goes around in a big circle and finds a place to stand. This large area however is very hard for the younger and shorter crowd to reach into the tank without mom, dad or grandma helping the little ones out. What’s great though is that a few feet away is an area designed specifically for children 42 inches and under (perfect for my 4 & 5-year-old daughters!). The area has smaller stingrays in it about four or five that the younger children can pet. There is also a sand castle structure with water in it without any animals inside for children to play in the water without disturbing the stingrays. Stingrays will get upset and not come to a person if they sea the water is being moved or splashed. You can even hand feed the sting rays for $2 each tray. Penguin Island is located outside right next to where you can watch the 4D movie (4D movie is an additional $3 charge per person). Penguin feedings and question & answer sessions are at 11:15 am & 3:45 pm.


Took a picture with Gill after visiting Gill's Grotto and touching some of the blue lobsters.

Took a picture with Gill after visiting Gill’s Grotto and touching some of the blue lobsters.

Adventure Aquarium Adventure Zone C

What Zone C includes:

  • Creature Feature: Sea Stars, Prawn & Sea Cucumbers
  • Gill’s Grotto: horseshoe crabs, lobsters, cleaner shrimp & sea apples
  • Kid zone: Cuttlefish, Clownfish, Flashlight fish, turtles, pipe-fish & frogs

This is the best zone for the little guys! Not only are there smaller animals to touch like starfish, sea apples, and sea urchins but there are also loads of things to play on and in. At the Kid Zone you can jump on the boat and drive it, make some music on the metal drums, or snap a picture with your pal Gill, Bobbi, Lizzie, or Shelldon. Kidzone includes Bobbi’s Beach, Gill’s Grotto, Lizzie’s Lagoon, and Shelldon’s Shore. Our favorite part of the Kidzone was banging on the metal drums and the harp making load music under the sea.


Adventure Aquarium Adventure Zone D

What Zone D Includes:

  • Shark Realm/Shark Tunnel: Sandbar Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Nurse Sharks
  • Jules Verne Gallery: Jellies, Sea dragons, and octopus
  • Hippo Haven: Hippos and Cichilids


Zone D was an interesting one. We took a trip through the Shark tunnel watching sharks over us and next to us it was an eery experience. Creepy music like Jaws plays as we looked and watched the different kinds of sharks travel around us. In Jules Vern Gallery you can see the jelly fish, another thing my children were excited about because they reminded them of their favorite show: Spongebob, sorry kids, no jelly fishing allowed here!


Button and Jenny 2The Hippo Haven is the newest-renovated exhibit at the Adventure Aquarium.


The top viewing area has been transformed using lighting, projection and an original musical score into a vibrant theatrical environment that immerses guests in “a day in the life on an African river.” Created by the award-winning production company, Mousetrappe, the new experience highlights the hippos alongside other animals and environments you’d find in their natural habitat.


The lower viewing area of Hippo Haven incorporates a clear 60,000-gallon pool where the hippos have ample room to swim and guests, inches away on the other side of the glass, can see these graceful creatures from an intimate angle. Thanks to a powerful new water filtration system, part of the investment in recreating Hippo Haven, guests throughout the day will have a clearer view of Button and Genny than ever before.


We climbed the steps and took a “birds eye view” to  look down at the hippos but the best view is down below where you can step up to the glass and be face to face with hippos.

You can view the Hippos in three locations in Hippo Heaven:

  • “Bird-eye” View over top the Hippos, it was great seeing all the Hippos above as they like to be sneaky and go just below the water making it hard to see them. When you enter Hippo Haven climb up the stair case and over and look down below!
  • In the center: Instead of making a right and going up the staircase to view Hippo Haven instead go directly in the center be patient and see if one of the hippos will come up to the glass, sometimes the hippos are a little stubborn so you may have to wait a little bit for them to come up closer.
  • If you walk down the steps just as you leave Hippo Haven and go into Jules Vern Gallery you will find a set of benches in the middle and a smaller area to view the deeper end of Hippo Haven where sometimes the Hippos will hide. Tell us where your favorite spot is to watch Genny and Button.


With sharks, hippos, stingrays and more the Adventure Aquarium provides quite the adventure for grown ups and kids.


Other helpful information to know about Adventure Aquarium:

  • There is a gift shop in Zone D.
  • H2O pictures is located next to the gift shop in zone D (Don’t forget to take a look at your pictures here after getting them taken when you first enter.)
  • There is a Feeding Frenzy cafe and also an area to eat outside. You can also bring your own food.
  • You can purchase a locker for $3
  • Strollers can be rented for $4 for a single & $6 for a double, $10 deposit will be returned when stroller is returned.
  • Wheelchairs can be rented for a $10 deposit, will be returned when wheelchair is returned, there is a limited number at the information desk.
  • Lost & Found is located at the Information desk
  • First Aid locations: Front Information Desk, 4D ticket sales, or at the Gift Shop.
  • Special private Nursing Mother’s Area is next to the 4D theater
  • All bathrooms are equipped with baby changing area.
  • Smoking is permitted only in the outdoor seating area adjacent to the Rotunda. Smoking is prohibited in all other areas of Adventure Aquarium.


Adventure Aquarium Hours:

10am- 5pm


Adventure Aquarium Admission Prices:

ages 13 & up: 25.95

Children 12 and under: 18.95

Children under 2: FREE

Parking is $10 & $5 for Annual Pass Holders (remember if you are an annual pass holder to get your parking pass validated)


Adventure Aquarium Address:

1 Riverside Dr.
Camden, New Jersey 08103
In full disclosure we were provided tickets, at no cost from Adventure Aquarium. However as always our review are our own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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