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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about party foods and ideas we think your family may enjoy.

Throw your superhero a fabulous FANTASTIC FOUR party with these super ideas!


Each time a super hero movie comes out in theaters, kids get excited! It doesn’t even matter if they’ve seen it. The commercials are enough to get kids imagining and pretending. Boys act like they have the strength of The Thing or can climb like Spiderman. Girls imagine what it’s like to create a storm or be invisible. It’s fun to be a fan and pretend we’re someone else especially when that someone else has great power. It’s even more fun to pretend when you can do it with friends at a superhero party. With the release of FANTASTIC FOUR this August, moms could have their work cut out for them planning FANTASTIC FOUR parties, but Jersey Family Fun can help.


Here’s how you can throw your own Fantastic Four party. Our tips can show you how easy it is to have a super superhero party and before you know it you’ll be the Wonder Woman, wonder mom of the neighborhood.


The Tyson Any'Tizers were easy to find at Walmart with the other frozen snack foods and pizzas.

The Tyson Any’Tizers were easy to find at Walmart with the other frozen snack foods and pizzas.


No party would be complete without food. Superheroes need nourishment and protein if they are going to keep up the battle against the villains but supermoms can’t be stuck in the kitchen either while ‘potential’ battles of good versus evil are happening in their home. Moms need something quick and easy for kids and adults to eat. As I perused the aisles of Walmart for the perfect snack, I came upon the Tyson® Any’Tizers® snacks.


With 4 flavorful Tyson options: Chicken Fries, Buffalo Boneless Wyngz, Popcorn Chicken and Honey BBQ Boneless Wyngz it would be easy to create 4 fabulous snacks for our Fantastic Four Party. And if these party foods weren’t fantastic enough, Walmart has a special exclusive offer: buy two (2) bags of Tyson® AnyʼTizers® snacks at Walmart and get a ticket to see the new FANTASTIC FOUR movie in theaters. How cool is that?  Have a party, eat some yummy Tyson foods then go see the FANTASTIC FOUR movie. You can learn more about the offer here.


Tyson Any'Tizers cook in 18-22 minutes making it easy for superhero moms to keep an eye on the battle while preparing something for her heroes.

Tyson Any’Tizers cook in 18-22 minutes making it easy for superhero moms to keep an eye on the battle while preparing something for her heroes.


My Fantastic three hovering around the Tyson Any'Tizers.

My Fantastic three hovering around the Tyson Any’Tizers.


  • Mr. Fantastic – Chicken Fries ~ Like Reed Richards who is transformed by one of his experiments, Tyson transforms chicken into fries.
  • Human Torch – Buffalo Boneless Wyngz ~ Johnny Storm, part troublemaker part thrill-seeker, these Buffalo Boneless Wyngz will  bring some spicyness to the party while also thrilling kids and adults.
  • Invisible Woman – Popcorn Chicken ~ Like Sue Storm, this popcorn chicken pops into action to serve your guests, but may soon become invisible once the kids get their hands on them.
  • The Thing – Honey BBQ Boneless Wyngz ~ You can’t go wrong by depending on the Thing and you can’t go wrong with this classic party favorite.


Other FANTASTIC FOUR Party Food ideas

  • Fruit or Vegetable trays with 4 of your kid’s favorite fruits or vegetables.
  • Beverages ~ Chose colors and flavors to go with the characters like orange juice for the Human Torch, clear ginger ale for the Invisible Woman.


Fantastic Four party decor

Blue water balloons do double duty acting as part of a centerpiece for our FANTASTIC FOUR command center and for a party game later.


Setting the scene for a FANTASTIC FOUR party doesn’t have to be expensive. Just look at how you can decorate with a few low items. Since the FANTASTIC FOUR uniforms and headquarters are primarily blue and black we stayed with that color theme.

  • Drape walls with blue and black tablecloths and cover tables with gray tablecloths to transform a party room into the inside of the FANTASTIC FOUR control center.
  • Cut gigantic number fours from posterboard to hang around the room or mold and twist them from aluminum foil.
  • Fill containers with blue and black water balloons, that can serve double duty as part of a party game later.
  • Create the Things hands by filling clear gloves with brown pom poms.
  • Attach a few orange balloons together to make it look like The Human Torch’s flame.
  • Use what you have. Now’s the time to take out the kids’ superhero figures and place them around the room to add to your FANTASTIC FOUR party decor.


FANTASTIC FOUR Games & Activities

Fantastic kids need to be kept busy….especially if they are hyped up on the idea of being superheroes. After planning parties for years here’s some games I’ve created to help kids stay busy.


Superhero Obstacle Course

  • Superheroes need to be able to leap, twist, and get through tricky situations fast if they are going to defeat the bad guys. You don’t need to buy anything extra to create an obstacle course. Use your imagination and what you have around the house. I had our superheroes hulahooping, weaving through beach buckets overturned to look like cones, jumping over waternoodles, and kicking soccer balls into the goal.


Superhero Obstacle Course


Find Four

  • Give kids the challenge of finding four items from the same category. First kid or team that finds four gets a point. Play till one team/kid gets to 10 points first. Create your categories ahead of time or wing it. Here’s some to get you started
    • Find four blue things
    • Find four things a superhero would wear
    • Find four things that start with the letter F
    • Find four things that a superhero would play with

Mr. Fantastic says

  • It’s the classic Simon Says game only this time it’s not Simon, but it’s Mr. Fanastic or the Invisible Woman or another FANTASTIC FOUR hero.


Earlier we mentioned the current offer to buy two (2) bags of Tyson® AnyʼTizers® snacks at Walmart to get your FANTASTIC FOUR ticket. Here’s how easy that offer is.

3 Step Process to get you a FANTASTIC FOUR movie ticket:

  • Step 1: Buy – Buy 2 participating Tyson® Any’Tizers® products at Walmart ONLY between 6/15/15 and 8/15/15.
  • Step 2: Snap – Snap a picture of your receipt and text or email it to tyson@drvsusa.com by 11:59pm PST on 8/15/15.
  • Step 3: Get – Receive a code redeemable for a movie ticket to see FANTASTIC FOUR while in theaters. Code must be redeemed by 9/30/15 on tysonmovieoffer.com.


Fabulous (1)We hope you’ve enjoyed out FANTASTIC FOUR party ideas. With the movie coming out soon, and lots of ways to celebrate it with Tyson it won’t be long before your kids are asking to see it and have their own party. But one question does remain.


Which child do you think will be asking for a FANTASTIC FOUR party and who will be their favorite character and don’t forget to buy two (2) bags of Tyson® AnyʼTizers® snacks at Walmart to get your ticket.?




This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

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