AC Dreamin’ Atlantic City’s 3D Lightshow at Boardwalk Hall ~ 5 Reasons to Love It

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In full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post. We just get really
excited when Atlantic City gives families a new reason to visit.

AC Dreamin'

AC Dreamin’ Atlantic City’s 3D Lightshow

Knowing that last night was going to be the premier of AC Dreamin’ Atlantic City’s 3D Lightshow for the fall, and knowing how much I have loved the other lightshows, there was no way I was going to miss it. So, yes, last night I tucked the kids into bed, gave my husband a kiss, and headed out to watch the show and record it for our great fans like you. Take a look.



Did you watch the AC Dreamin’ Atlantic City’s 3D Lightshow all the way through? Were you there with us last night to see the show?


Like the music and light shows before, produced by Moment Factory for Atlantic City, “AC Dreamin'” will run nightly beginning at dark. It will repeat throughout the night every 15-30 minutes.


While every show has been great, here’s 5 reasons we love the AC Dreamin’ Atlantic City’s 3D Lightshow

  • It tells a story with a narrator to guide you through it.
  • Actors & dancers are incorporated into the show.
  • The crumbling wall effect is back but in a new way.
  • Atlantic City’s family attractions play a prominent role.
  • An amazing waterfall that looks like real water is cascading down the front of Boardwalk Hall.


“AC Dreamin’” joins sister shows “Boardwalk Beat”, “Duality” and “Winter Sweet” as part of Moment Factory’s only permanent, year-round installation in the United States. Each show and the technology behind them are uniquely designed for Boardwalk Hall.


“AC Dreamin’” follows a magical dream shared by two friends in a modern fairy tale as they navigate six different enchanted worlds: a mysterious train station, a luxurious hotel, a crazy theme park, a surreal lighthouse, a dreamy underwater world, and the fantastic Boardwalk at night. The sumptuous and lush colors of each world take viewers to different dimensions as the façade of Boardwalk Hall morphs with the story.


For the first time in the Atlantic City project, Moment Factory used live-action footage with actors performing in a narrative linking the show to the spirit of the city. Thanks to the show’s 3D mapping and innovative storytelling, tourists and residents will experience some of Atlantic City’s iconic public spaces in a completely new way.


“AC Dreamin’” runs every 15 – 30 minutes beginning at dark.


|Photo Credit Julie Armstrong-Boileau

|Photo Credit Julie Armstrong-Boileau


“AC Dreamin’” is free and no tickets are required. The musical light show runs for 9 minutes at a time. Boardwalk Hall is located at 2301 Boardwalk between Georgia & Mississippi Avenue. For more information, visit

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