A Family Guide to Monster Jam Path of Destruction

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Is this your first time attending a Monster Jam Event?

Let me start off by telling you that you are in for a fantastic night of thrilling entertainment that will leave you on the edge of your seat. My family had the opportunity to witness opening night of this tour 3 weeks ago and the boys have not stopped talking about it. Seeing as this was our first time at this type of sporting event, we were super excited and didn’t think about what kinds of things we should bring with us or what to expect.

Monster Mutt in action at Monster Jam Path of Destruction


Tips for your first Monster Jam experience.

  • Earplugs or Headphones- Even being in an outdoor venue it was still loud. You can purchase earphones at the venue or bring them from home. The earphones at the venue were $10-15 dollars and shaped liked Monster Truck tires. The earplugs we had gave my boys just enough buffer to still really enjoy the show and not be bothered by the noise.
  • Babywipes-There is quite a bit of dust flying around the event. I didn’t think to bring these with us to our show but i wish i had. They would have come in handy for a quick wipe down in between rounds.
  • A hoodie or a blanket- Yes i realize it is the middle of June but it could still get chilly at night. You want to make sure you are warm so you can enjoy cheering on your favorite driver
  • Cash for souvenir items-There are merchandise trailers that do accept credit cards, However the food vendors that walk through the stadium and pit party do not accept credit cards. The price of these items are typical of this type of event. Snow-cones come in a reusable Grave Digger mug and cotton candy comes with a fun Monster Jam Truck to wear on your head.
  • You will want to have a camera with you to capture all the excitement. There are opportunities in the Pit Party (seperate admission) to have photos taken with the Monster Trucks and their drivers. The drivers really love interacting with their fans and it will make for some memorable photos. The photos of the trucks flying over the cars and crushing through RV’s will also be fun to show to your friends while telling stories about what a great time you had at Monster Jam.

Madusa flying high above a school bus at Monster Jam Path of Destruction


  • One of the best things we did was get an event program. The boys read through the program while waiting for the show to begin and had some of the drivers autograph it after the show.
  • I can not point out enough times how fan friendly Monster Jam drivers are. I stated earlier that they will sign autographs during the Party in the Pits. The drivers also come out to meet their fans after the show and will sign an autograph and take a minute to say hello to you and thank you for coming to see them. Autographs are fun and make a great memento, but this isn’t all these drivers do for their fans! Don’t be suprised if you see the drivers climb into the stands once their run is over and speak to the fans and even give waiting fans a piece of their Monster Truck. At the baltimore show the Capt America gave a lucky fan his shield, Mohawk Warrior George Balhan climbed into the stands to say hello and thank you to the fans, and that is just to name a few. I was not at the Philadelphia show but friends told me that the driver of the night’s winning truck handed over his trophy to a young fan to treasure.
  • Be prepared for a long show. The show started at 7:00 pm and we didn’t get out until a little after 10:00. Monster Jam makes sure you get your money’s worth putting on such a great show. My boys never got bored and the night went by pretty quick for us. While the show is long you will be entertained the entire time. If the trucks aren’t racing or performing in the freestyle rounds then you will find Quad Races and Monster Jam crew throwing prizes out of a cannon into the crowd. We hadn’t even realized that three hours had passed we were having such a good time.


Quad Wars Monster Jam Path of Destruction


Most importantly have a great time! We would love for you to share your photos and Monster Jam memories with us after the show.

Visit Jersey Family Fun’s YouTube channel to see videos of the other Monster Jam: Path of Destruction trucks in action.

To see more of the fun we had at Monster Jam Path of Destruction in Baltimore, Md please take a look at our Facebook Album.

In full disclosure this series is being sponsored by Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, who provided Jersey Family Fun with VIP Access and accommodations to attend the Baltimore show and to host a giveaway. We were responsible for some of our own travel costs.



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