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9 Places to Relax with Kids in New Jersey

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clever Girls and RESCUE.  We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information we think families will find helpful. 



As moms and dads we love our children, but also recognize that with parenting comes aspects that let’s just say get us a bit stressed out.  We’re balancing sports schedules with homework and meal planning. We’re juggling volunteer responsibilities with our careers. We are trying to fit in family time. Then, there’s the winter we’ve had. While the snow might be pretty we have to admit there’s a bit of additional stress that comes when you’re adjusting your schedule for the kids suddenly being home. Who will care for them? What will you do to fill the day?


The warmer weather will be nice but it brings it’s own stressors; more sports.. more juggling. In my case, it’s 3 boys with soccer and baseball I believe that will keep us moving 7 days a week. But a momma’s gotta find a way to keep that stress from making her or her kids crack.


How do I manage stress?

For me…it’s getting out of the house. Believe it or not if I’ve sat at the laptop too long typing out blog posts or responding to emails I start to get a little edgy and I’ll admit cranky with my kids. I love getting out and about across our area to explore with my boys. It’s why I started Jersey Family Fun so I could share with other families the adventures available to them. Every adventure is an opportunity to get out of my environment and mix things up… to relax and unwind with my family. I know you feel the same because with our readers’ help we were able to create this great list of New Jersey spots perfect for relaxing with kids.


9 Places to Relax with Kids in New Jersey

  • 9 Places to Relax with Kids in New JerseyMovie Theaters ~ Tiffany J. likes going to the movies particularly the AMC in Deptford. She says they have the best seats! I have to admit escaping into a movie’s story, even if it’s a kids’ movie is a great way to forget about stress and relax.


  • Restaurants ~ Ashley M. enjoys going out to dinner. Her family’s favorite restaurant is Outback Steak House in Marlton. Sure eating out with kids can be a little stressful. But then when you remember everyone can eat something DIFFERENT without you COOKING a lot of different meals, you relax. Bonus there’s no washing dishes when dinner is done either.


  • Racing Parks ~ Dan T recommended a visit to any of the 3 local speedways or New Jersey Motorsports Park. With each lap you get caught up in the excitement. Cars burn rubber on the track and stress melts along with it.


  • Museums ~ For my 10 year old, it’s the museums our area has to offer. He’d much rather focus on their exhibits and what they can teach him, than on his homework or writing his spelling words 10 times each.


  • Parks & Playgrounds ~ My 9 year old would tell you parks and playgrounds. Just yesterday, the sun came out long enough for him to ask me to take him and his brothers to one of his favorites. It did us all some good to get out there and run, swing, climb, jump, and play.


  • Arcades ~ My 6 year old would tell you it’s the arcades. What boy or even grown up doesn’t like to pretend to be the hero defeating the bad guy or Pacman catching the ghosts. For me, it’s the 80’s video game, Battlestar Galactica I can’t walk past that game and not play it. It brings me back to my high school days of playing it inside the Razz Ma Tazz in Sayreville.


  • Roller Rinks ~ Many a Friday night as a teenager, I spent roller skating at the South Amboy Arena Rollermagic. Something about the music, friends, skating laps was just fun and carefree. It’s still that way for me. I love taking advantage of discount or free days for the kids to go skating because it means I can relive a bit of my youth too.


  • Lighthouses ~ You climb to the top. Your kids are along side of you. They’ve worn themselves out a little with the climb (bonus for parents.) You feel the wind in your hair. You see the waves wash out to the sea. Just imagine your troubles going right along with them.


  • Beaches ~ We are fortunate in New Jersey to have the beaches we do. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly sunny day to enjoy them either. Just walking along the sand taking in the view or digging in it to build an epic sandcastle with your kids is an enjoyable relaxing way to spend time with your kids.


RESCUE-Pastilles-BC-300dpi-7.3x6.49inches-RGBAs parents there’s no avoiding stress. Yet, if we don’t manage our stress it begins to affect our quality of life and even our parenting. As part of our sharing how and where we go to reduce stress we were introduced to RESCUE. RESCUE is a natural/homeopathic supplement that offers moms another way to manage stress. It was developed by doctors to be safe, with no habit-forming effects and no side effects.


When I have too much stress it tends to affect my sleep. I either can’t get to sleep because my mind is filled with ideas I want to write or tasks I need to accomplish or I wake up with those thoughts. I have tried some supplements before but I didn’t like the side affects, even those claiming to be natural. But I was willing to give RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts a try. After purchasing some from my local CVS I was pleased with the results. On the nights I have tried them I have felt fully rested. Thoughts would enter my mind but they would leave. It was almost like a flip of a switch. I didn’t feel as if I was out of it, but I also didn’t feel the need to start analyzing every thought that entered my mind. There was no lingering drowsiness the next day either.




RESCUE products available at CVS, Walgreens, Sprouts, and Whole Foods:

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So now well rested and with the sun outside, we’re heading back out to the park, but not before asking

How do you manage stress as a parent? Where do you go with your kids to relax?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Monday 9th of March 2015

We love to do so many of the things you have on this list. Another great way we try to relax is visiting the library. We find a good book and then take that to the park or beach with us for a picnic and some reading time.

Nancy P

Monday 9th of March 2015

My oldest daughter loves a good mani/pedi so I like taking her to the salon to relax! :)

Jennifer A.

Monday 9th of March 2015

That's a great idea too. Thanks Nancy. ~ Jenn

Melissa Garner

Monday 9th of March 2015

I'd have to agree with Lighthouses I think that is the most relaxing thing to do. We have climbed 6 out of the 11 climbable lighthouses in New Jersey.

Jennifer A.

Monday 9th of March 2015

That's awesome Melissa. How fun for your kids. ~ Jenn

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