7 Ways San Diego’s Rancho Bernardo Inn Welcomes Kids

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7 Ways San Diego's Rancho Bernardo Inn Welcomes Kids


We’re traveling a lot for Jersey Family Fun these days. There have been blogger conferences I went to alone and there are trips we’re currently planning or in some cases are at right now. Look for some great additions to our family travel series. But no matter whether I am traveling with or without my kids, I always have my mom hat on. I’m always thinking, “Is this a place my kids would enjoy?” Such is the case when I visited the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego as part of the HP Print & Pamper blogger conference & retreat. My stay was included in my conference fee. The Rancho Bernardo Inn is a beautiful resort, with spacious grounds, beautiful fountains, and several glorious pools. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a family resort.


However, somehow in the course of events I had a question about something related to kids. I don’t remember quite what it was but I do remember asking the concierge the question. What resulted was a great conversation about just how welcoming the Rancho Bernardo Inn is for families. Parents can have that luxurious spa weekend without worrying about whether or not their kids can just be kids.


7 Ways San Diego’s Rancho Bernardo Inn Welcomes Kids

  • Children are Welcome Attitude ~ When I started talking with the concierge, she told me how children are welcome at the resort. Rancho Bernardo Inn staff members will welcome them, their smiles, and squeals of excitement. There will be no shh’s or those glances that make parents feel uncomfortable. In fact, the resort goes out of their way to make fun times possible for kids while still providing adults a relaxing atmosphere away from home.
    • Family Fun Package – The Rancho Bernardo Inn offers a Family Fun package that includes a one-night stay, milk & cookies and S’mores n’ Snores for kids and a $50 resort credit.


Rancho Bernardo Inn Family pool


  • Family Pool – The Santiago family pool was large and went to 6 feet deep. It did not appear overly crowded. The pool is gated in with secure gates that keep children from getting through without the assistance of an adult. There are other pools on the property for adults who prefer a child-free pool experience.


Rancho Bernardo Inn minigolf


  • Miniature Golf ~ Adjacent to the pool, within the gates, is a mini golf course. When we were there it was decorated for Halloween.


  • Places to Explore ~ The Rancho Bernado Inn resort is tucked away in Rancho Bernardo, and from the front gates it doesn’t look very big. But the property is actually quite expansive. You can walk around the grounds with your children and seek out all the fountains. How many can your kids find? Which one will be their favorite?


Rancho Bernardo Inn Fountain


  • Kids menus ~ During my stay, Rancho Bernardo Inn was offering free unlimited dining for kids. All 3 of the resort’s dining options had children’s menus available. Click over to see the Rancho Bernardo Inn Children’s Menu from October.


  • Rancho Bernardo Inn Haunted Treasure HuntSpecial Events ~ My October stay meant the Rancho Barnardo Inn was celebrating Halloween with their KIDS RULE! GHOULS DROOL promotion. I love that there were activities for little kids, big kids, and the whole family. Just take a look at the Halloween activities they offered.


  • Activities ~ There’s so much for kids to do throughout the resort: from water basketball, foosball, ping pong in and around the Santiago Pool, to unlimited access to the golf driving range, cookie decorating, and a Treasure Hunt that could lead them anywhere! Just take a look at some of the kids activities offered while I was there.


Rancho Bernardo Inn children activities and menus


With a property as beautiful as this and great learning from HP and the conference planning team (BSM Media), I certainly had a great few days in San Diego. Details soon on my first trip to Disneyland while I was out there. Here’s hoping next time I’ll be back with my family.


Click over for more information about our Rancho Bernardo Inn room with video and pictures (based on me staying without kids) or click over to the Rancho Bernardo Inn site for more information about this San Diego resort.


From our Facebook album some of Rancho Bernardo Inn photos.


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  1. Kelly @eclecticmommy says:

    Ok, I missed the mini golf course when I was there. Truly a beautiful location and fun place for the whole family.

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