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5 Ways Preschoolers Have Fun at Sahara Sam’s

This post was sponsored by Sahara Sam’s who is aJersey Family Fun Partner in Fun.We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do with families in New Jersey & New Jersey Waterparks we think their family may enjoy.


Outings with preschoolers are always an adventure. They are so eager and yet so cautious and unpredictable at the same time. Many times when I take my son someplace new he initially doesn’t want to go but once he’s there he never wants to leave. This was partially true when we visited Sahara Sam’s recently, the moment I mentioned the water park he was ready to go.


Sahara Sam’s have all the accomodations to make it easy to take young kids their. They provide lockers, chairs, and life jackets. There are also plenty of areas for little kids to splash and play.


5 Ways Preschoolers Have Fun at Sahara Sam’s

  • Ready for a day of fun at Sahara Sam's

    Ready for a day of fun at Sahara Sam’s

    There are 2 areas specifically designated for little kids. In the Lizard Lagoon kids must be under 48″ to go down the slides and under 36″ to ride the Baby Bungee. I witnessed a lifeguard tell two kids that were well above the height requirement for the area that they couldn’t go down the slide. As a mom it was nice to feel like there was a place were I wouldn’t have to worry about my little guy being in the way of the bigger kids. The Splish Splash outside also offers a variety of fun for little ones.


  • The Tim-Buk-Tu play area is full of ways to splash, spray and generally get everyone wet. My son loved pulling all the levers that made water spray all over other guests, including mommy. He enjoyed pushing the cannons that fired water and pulling levers to turn the water on and off.


  • A Sahara Sam's lifeguard catches my son at the bottom of the slide.

    A Sahara Sam’s lifeguard catches my son at the bottom of the slide.

    While many slides have a minimum height restriction the two slides in the Tim-Buk-Tu play area do not. Even so, I was really nervous about my son riding the slide without me, however the lifeguard at the bottom of the slide assured me that if he wanted to ride that she would “catch” him at the bottom. How it works is that before a small child goes down the slide, the lifeguard at the top of the slide signal to the lifeguard at the bottom that a little one is coming down. The lifeguard at the bottom then watches the child come down and catches them as they reach the bottom. This allowed my son to enjoy the slide without me having to worry about him hitting the bottom or getting disoriented.


  • My son loves jumping waves on the beach, so I wasn’t surprised that the Rip N Roll,  wave pool, at Sahara Sam’s was a big hit with him. The wave pool looks just like a beach area and the water slowly gets deeper and deeper the farther out you go. There are numbers along the wall that let you know how deep the water is, which is perfect for reminding little ones that they can only go out so far. My son was very fearless when it came to the wave pool and the numbers were a good reminder of where he should stay. When the siren blared signaling the start of the waves my son was all giggles as we jumped over the waves. The waves do get pretty high so make sure to head back to an area where your child can stand comfortably to enjoy the waves.


  • Preschoolers have the best imaginations and when I told my son we were going to go in the Congo Bongo, lazy river, he immediately decided we were on an adventure down the “mysterious river”. He loved floating in the tube as I pushed him through the lazy river (which was a bit of a workout for Mom) and dodging the water falls. I was really surprised when he later told me that this was his favorite part of the day.


This was my first trip to Sahara Sams and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Growing up at the Jersey Shore all of my water park experiences have been with outdoor water parks and Sahara Sams is partially indoors. I had some misconceptions about what an indoor waterpark would be like. I imagined it to be dark and musty but Sahara Sams is the exact opposite of that. It was warm, sunny (even on a cloudy day the glass roof let in lots of natural light) and not at all musty in fact it was one of the cleanest water parks I had ever been too.


Slides in the Lizard Lagoon.

Slides in the Lizard Lagoon.

I can not say enough great things about the lifeguards at Sahara Sam’s. There was never a moment when I felt like my son wasn’t safe or being watched. All of the lifeguards were very attentive and took their jobs seriously. As a parent this was the highlight of the trip for me, knowing that my son could have fun and be safe at the water park made what could have been a nerve wrecking day a very relaxing one.


In true toddler fashion, my son was not at all ready to leave when it was time to head home and I had to make many promises to come back and visit Sahara Sam’s again. I think those will be promises that are easy to keep.


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