5 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Kids After Being Away

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This blog post was sponsored by Netflix DVD.com. I am one of their blogger ambassadors and was hired to share my tips for reconnecting with your kids after being away in this post.


5 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Kids After Being Away


I’ve been traveling solo a lot lately. There was the Mom 2.0 Summit in May, a TravelingMom event in midJune, and then the BlogHer conference just days after my boys got out of school. Last week, I just got back from the Pixar Coco Event, a press junket to promote the upcoming Disney Pixar Coco movie. Each of these events required me to be away from my boys for a night or more. While the events were great for my professional development, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss my boys.


learning quote


To grow professionally and personally, I recognize that I need to be away from my boys from time to time. At blogger conferences, I have

  • learned about trends in my industry storytelling, influencer marketing, and blogging. I’ve gained valuable insight on how to tailor my stories to be more relevant to our readers and to help you find them sooner while searching online.


trends in influencer marking WOMMA Summit


  • I tried out new tech that makes parents’ lives easier like laptop screens you can write on or refrigerators that you can see through.


New technology from Best Buy


  • I discovered travel trends and how hotels are looking to make their guests’ stays easier. For example, when you stay in many Hilton hotels you can now bypass the front desk and check in with their app or order more towels with a simple text message.


Hilton Honors App



6 Epic Rides at Universal Studios Florida


  • I practiced using a new device for adults and children with gluten allergies and sensitivities. With a tiny sample and the Nima device you can test if your food really is safe to eat. What an important tool for families. More details coming soon.


Nima Device

This Nima device came in handy when I tested the gift shop chocolate chip cookies to make sure they were gluten-free.


  • I spoke with Pixar animators and the directors of Disney Pixar Coco to learn about the extensive effort that went into making sure the movie was authentic and relevant to the cultures portrayed in the film. I can’t wait to share those stories.


Disney Pixar Coco Event press badge


It’s important that I attend these conferences and events. But just as important is making sure I put aside time for my boys to reconnect with them after I’ve been away.


5 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Kids After Being Away


5 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Kids After Being Away

  • If you were away for professional development, take the down time before you get back home to reflect on what you’ve learned and make a plan of action. Since I usually fly to these conferences I use the time on the plane ride home to take notes and create a plan of action. Before I ever walk in the house I already know what I need to do when I get back to work. This allows me to enjoy those moments of reconnecting without feeling like I am going to forget something I need to do.


  • Take in the moment. Whether my husband picks me up from the airport or I get back just in time to get the boys from school, those first few moments are intense. All three of my boys envelop me in hugs and want to talk at the same time.


Me and M

Sneaking in kisses with I can… to make up for missed moments while I was away.


  • Talk about your trip. My boys are always curious about where I’ve been and what I’m up to. Even now they still think some of my trips are all about fun. They question why I had to go. My 9-year-old son is especially curious. We talk for a bit about what I did, the activities I participated in, the people I met. On a general level, I talk about what I learned. I am always stressing to my kids that just because you graduate from school, doesn’t mean you stop learning. There is always something we can learn to make ourselves better.


Best buy booth at Blogher

Learning can happen anywhere… on a expo hall floor, during conversations with friends, and while sitting in on press conferences. Learning doesn’t always need a classroom.


  • Then, put work on hold. Having discussed with your kids why you ‘left’ and knowing you have a plan for when you return to work, put thoughts of work on hold. Talk to them about what they’ve been up to. What did they do while you were away? Did anything exciting happen?


Jenn and Deva from My Life Suckers

One of my most exciting moments from Mom 2.0 was meeting Deva from My Lifesuckers.


  • My favorite of all my tips for reconnecting with your kids after being away – Make it a family movie night! Whether you were away for fun or work or a bit of both, you’ve probably been very busy the last few days. You need the rest and your kids want to be with you. Take the night to slow down and have a family movie night. Pop up the popcorn! Pour everyone their favorite beverage. Grab that Netflix DVD you’ve been waiting to watch! Then cuddle up on the couch for a family movie night.


Family movie night cuddles - Tips for Reconnecting With Your Kids After Being Away

Family movie night cuddles


Need some recommendations for Family Movie Night from Netflix DVD.com?


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