5 Awesome Ways to Spend a Winter Day at Cranmore Mountain

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This post was made possible by Cranmore Mountain who provided us with complimentary tickets to these activities. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about Mt Washingtong Valley attractions we think families will enjoy.


Cranmore Mountain


What happens when rain threatens to cancel your skiing plans?


When we were initially planning our trip to Mt Washington Valley New Hampshire we had a schedule packed with days of learning to ski at King Pine and Cranmore Mountain. We’d take lessons at both. Coming home I’m sure eager to do it again.


Mother Nature had other plans. It rained! So while Mt Washington Valley offers lots to do on rainy days we were still bummed that we couldn’t do most of what we had planned. The rain caused Cranmore to be closed most of that day and the next morning. But when Cranmore opened that second day about noon we were ready for fun! So while we did miss out on skiing we got to experience the rest of the best Cranmore Mountain Resort has to offer in the winter. But don’t stop reading just because winter’s just about over because many of these activities will be open again this summer.


Our Awesome Ways to Spend a Winter Day at Cranmore Mountain Resort


  • Skiing! Cranmore Mountain Resort offers so many skiing trails and options for learning. There are group lessons, private lessons, ski camps, and more. Cranmore Mountain Resort has up to 41 trails to offer skiers and you can learn more about them at cranmore.com. While we were off enjoying the adventures below, other families did take advantage of the late opening to ski the slopes.


Cranmore Mountain Resort Ski Legend Map



Cranmore Mountain Resort Ski Slopes


  • Snowtubing! The Cranmore Tubing Park boasts of being the #1 Tubing Park in the state of New Hampshire. With 10 lanes wide and two ways to the top of the hill it’s no wonder why. It was quieter the day we tubed so not all lanes were open, but the wait times weren’t bad at all. We used the magic-carpet style surface lift for an easy ride to the top. I loved that the snow tubing hill was just the right level of thrill, thrill that can be adjusted to your thrill level. If you’re not in to spins and twirls and fast speeds just ask for a straight push down the hill. If you’re like my 7 year old and just can’t get enough thrills…. ask for the Godzilla spin.


Tubes are provided as part of your admission price. All ages are welcome. Children 42 inches and taller must ride solo; and children under 42″  must ride with an adult. Staff at the top of each lane make sure you are positioned in your tube correctly and safely. They will ask you about how much thrill you want and if you want to go down alone or connected with other tubes. Then, when it’s safe and clear you’ll get your push down the hill. The slope of the hill will slow you down at the end, but rubber mats are also there to help. Tickets may be purchased for 1 hour, 2 hour packages of tubing and other packages. In the summer, Cranmore Mountain offers a whole different kind of fun tubing. Check it out.


Cranmore Mountain Top of Snow Tubing hill

Looking down at the bottom.


Waiting our turn. It didn't take very long.

Waiting our turn. It didn’t take very long.


Cranmore Mountain Top of Snow Tubing hill ready

Seated and ready to go.


Watch as we snow tube down the hill.


Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park snow tubing hill

At the bottom ready to go back up the lift for another ride down.


  • Mountain Coaster. After tubing it down the hills, my boys wanted to experience a different kind of Cranmore Mountain adventure. I could have been content tubing for a few more hours. ;-) Our next adventure was to ride a roller coaster where WE CONTROL the speed. Yes, that’s right with the Mountain Coaster, you ride along for thousands of feet of twisting, turning fun through the woods winter, summer OR fall at a speed you determine! Take a leisurely scenic ride or take it up to 25 mph. This is a roller coaster this timid mom can handle. And since you aren’t whipping at crazy high speeds you can take in the beauty of Cranmore while riding the tracks. Ride with your child or ride alone; both ways are fun. Ride restrictions: Minimum height 54 inches 9 years old to ride alone or 38 inches to ride with an adult. Children aged 3-8 years must ride with an adult (16 years+).


Cranmore Mountain Mountain Coaster starting point

Getting ready to launch off.


Cranmore Mountain Mountain Coaster on the track

And he’s off


Pulling back into the station, they can’t wait to do it again.


  • Giant Swing. Up to four people can swing on the Giant Swing at Cranmore. How high will you go? We didn’t find out but you can! Children 42″ or taller may ride with an adult who is 16 or older. 50″ or taller may ride alone. You can purchase a ticket for one ride on the swing or upgrade to a package that includes all the Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park fun.


Cranmore Mountain Resort Giant Swing


  • Soaring Eagle Zip Line.  The Soaring Eagle is the zipline anyone can fly! And fly my guys didn’t. I was tempted but chickened out. It was my 7 year old and husband who experienced the sensation of flying, while accelerating 700 feet down the mountainside on a suspended cable. If that wasn’t enough my brave husband did the zip line a second time for my second son who wanted to celebrate his 10th birthday with a flight through the sky. You can purchase a ticket for one ride or a package for unlimited rides. Ride restrictions 42” Min. – Must be accompanied by an adult. 48” min. to ride solo Max. combined weight 450lbs.


Soaring Eagle Zip Line m&G

Are we really doing this?


Soaring Eagle Zip Line m&G 2

They are all the way back there… preparing to zip down.



My 7 year old’s reaction after riding the Soaring Eagle Zip Line



Soaring Eagle Zip Line m&G

And they’re back.


Soaring Eagle Zip Line birthday boy

Doing it again..this time for the birthday boy.


We had such a great time at Cranmore Mountain. These adventures were truly unique and memorable. Why not have your own adventure? We’d love to hear about your own experiences and favorite parts of Cranmore Mountain.


Cranmore Mountain family pic

Stopping for a family picture….pictured in our Get Outfitted snow gear.


What Cranmore Mountain adventure would your kids most want to experience?


What you should know before you visit the Crayola Experience. 

  • The Cranmore Mountain is located at 1 Skimobile Road, North Conway, New Hampshire.
  • Cranmore Mountain hours vary depending on the time of year. Visit their website for more information.
  • Cranmore Mountain tickets are available online or in person.
  • A large parking lot with complimentary and paid parking options is available.
  • If your kids get hungry, Cranmore Mountain has a cafe and restaurants.
  • Click over to visit the Cranmore Mountain in North Conway, New Hampshire  website.


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In full disclosure this post was made possible by the Cranmore Mountain Resort, who provided Jersey Family Fun with complimentary tickets to make this review possible, but as always all opinions are our own.

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