34 Ways to Enjoy Your Turkey Hill Experience

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This post was made possible by the Turkey Hill Experience who provided us with complimentary tickets  during my family’s recent visit. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about family friendly Lancaster attractions we think your family may enjoy for family vacations.


Turkey Hill Experience


Ice Cream, Ice Cream… you scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream!


With how hot this summer has been there was no way we weren’t going to make a stop to the Turkey Hill Experience on our visit to Lancaster. It’s summer time, you are supposed to have ice cream, right? ;-) My family has never had this experience and after a fabulous morning of climbing on the Spooky Nook climbing walls, this was the perfect day to do it.


So while we didn’t scream there was certainly a lot of squealing as we worked our way around the Turkey Hill Experience visiting the exhibits and interacting with many of them. What I thought might be a simple tour about the history of ice cream with a brief experiment into making ice cream, turned out to be so much more. I could not believe how much there was to do and how much ice cream we were able to sample.


Look what all we were able to do.


Turkey Hill Experience Activities included with admission

  • Follow the map to get the most of your Turkey Hill Experience.


Turkey Hill Experience map


  • Learn about the history of the Susquehanna River Valley and how ice cream got started in this area.
  • Admire the uniquely-decorated cow at the start of your experience.


Turkey Hill Experience artistic cow


  • Count how many cows you see.
  • Walk inside a giant tea bottle to taste a variety of Turkey Hill teas.


Turkey Hill Experience Tea Bottle


  • Smell the different tea aromas.
  • Watch how Turkey Hill started making teas.
  • Discover your tea personality.


Turkey Hill Experience teas


  • Catch a movie about how ice cream is made.
  • Appreciate how Turkey Hill Tea caps are repurposed.


Turkey Hill Experience repurposing


  • Pose for pictures with various photo cut outs and props.


Turkey Hill Experience football cut out


  • Examine what bacteria looks like.
  • Battle against the bad bacteria and help the good bacteria milk needs thrive.


Turkey Hill Experience bacteria blaster


  • Emboss and sniff the different scents and flavors that go into ice cream onto a card so you can bring those scents home with you.


Turkey Hill Experience mix and match


  • Create your own virtual ice cream flavor.


Turkey Hill Experience create ice cream


  • Name your uniquely created ice cream flavor.
  • Jump into the homogenization ball pit (for younger kids).
  • Push the mixer in the mix tank and slide down the slide.


Turkey Hill Experience slide


  • Measure out the right proportions to make a tasty and delicious ice cream.
  • Match the right amount of ice cream to the right-sized container.
  • Design your own ice cream packaging to go with your unique flavor.


Turkey Hill Experience design container


  • Check out what happens when you add a tub of blueberries into the Flavor Frenzy cooler.
  • Step into the freezer.
  • Star in your own Turkey Hill Ice Cream commercial. Will you interview a cow? Sing a jingle? Something else?


Turkey Hill Experience commercial


  • Sample several flavors of ice cream, repeatedly if you like. A frozen yogurt and a sugarfree flavor were available during our visit.


Turkey Hill Experience eating ice cream


  • Go back in time with stories from milk delivery men.


Turkey Hill Experience delivery man stories


  • Pretend to drive the milk delivery truck.


Turkey Hill Experience delivery truck


  • Milk a mechanical cow (No worries, it’s just water.)


Turkey Hill Experience milk cow


  • Rock in a rocking chair in the porch area.
  • Participate in a Tasting Lab class (for an additional fee) for more delicious experiences.
    • Get a pint of vanilla ice cream.
    • Drop in your flavoring.
    • Mix in your favorite additions like m&ms, jimmies, cookie crunch, and more.
    • Freeze then enjoy.


Making Ice Cream at Turkey Hill Experience


After our day of learning, creating, and eating we were all smiles. The cherry on this sundae was that EVERY staff member we met was absolutely fabulous. They were knowledgeable in all they taught us, courteous in their service, and generous with the samples.



Which Turkey Hill Experience do you think your kids would enjoy most?


Here’s what else you should know about visiting the Turkey Hill Experience.

  • General admission is 8.95 for ages 5-17 and $9.95 for ages 18 and older. The Taste Lab is $5 more for all ages.
  • Admission is free for children 4 and under.
  • On your ticket is a CYO code, that will link your virtual creations together so that you can work on your virtual ice cream product and email yourself your work. Each CYO can only be linked to one ice cream creation and one email address. If you are going as a family of 4 and everyone wants to create a flavor, you will need 4 email addresses.
  • Parking is free, at peak times off site parking is available with a free shuttle.
  • The lab is not allergen free. There are tree and ground nuts.
  • Allow for 1-2 hours for your visit. We went through most areas fairly quickly (the nature of boys) and still spent about 2.5-3 hours at Turkey Hill Experience during our visit.
  • The Turkey Hill Experience is located at 301 Linden Street in Columbia, Pennsylvania not far from Lancaster. To learn more visit their website.


To view our Turkey Hill Experience pictures visit our Facebook Gallery. Here’s a preview.



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