2 Ways to Create an Pirate Cake

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Keeping with our Pirate Party theme this week we’ve got two great ways to show you how to make a pirate cake for birthday parties. Today, we’ll show you how to make a pirate for a pirate cake and how to make a pirate ship cake.


Pirate Cake


How to create a Pirate Cake

  • To create the pirate face, use one round cake.
  • The pirate body and hat can be created by taking a second round layer and cutting it in half.
  • While most of this pirate’s accents can be created with icing here’s some neat ways to make them more special.
    • Use red fruit loops, air heads, or red licorice for the pirate’s shirt stripes, his smile, or a bandana.
    • An Oreo cookie or thin mint can be the pirate’s eye patch.
    • Cookie crumbs can be used to create facial hair and cover the pirate hat.
    • Marshmallows can be used to create pirate teeth.
    • Use an m&m to create the center of the other eye.


How to create a Pirate Ship Cake

  • If you want to create a rectangular-shaped pirate cake, bake your layers in 13×9 pans. You can then cut each layer in half horizontally and stack the layers. The more layers, the more height you will have to your ship. Freeze the layers individually. Later stack and carve them into your shape.
  • You can use brown icing to decorate your pirate ship cake and then use these to accentuate it.
    • Cookie crumbs or brown sugar around the base can represent the sand.
    • Blue licorice or fruit roll ups can represent water.
    • For fish swimming in the water use goldfish or Swedish Fish.
    • Use a larger pretzel rod to create the main mast of the ship.
    • Fruit roll ups, AirHeads, Starbursts, and pieces of taffy can be flattened and wrapped around the pretzel rod to create the pirate ship sails.
    • Teddy bear grams can represent your pirates.
    • Tootsie rolls or dark-colored taffy can be squished together and molded into a treasure chest, cannons, or cannon balls.
    • Candy dots can represent the coins in the treasure chest.
    • Use chocolate coins or hard candy pieces to represent goldablooms, treasure coins, or jewelry in the treasure chest.


If you’re looking for ideas for pirate cupcakes, visit our friend over at Diapered Knights and check out her pirate cupcake photo and how to.


We hope you enjoyed our ways to create a pirate cake for your Pirate Party. Find other Pirate Party ideas in our new Birthday Party Ideas series.

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