16th Street Park – Hudson County Parks & Playgrounds

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16th Street Park – Hudson County Parks & Playgrounds




3  Reasons my Family Loves 16th Street Park


  • A brand new “special needs” playground structure opened in 2015. There’s a second older play structure as well. The new structure is musical themed and has a spongy surface for protection from falls. There’s a metal fence surrounding it with two openings. Benches are available inside and outside the structure area so parents can relax while kids play.


  • Lots of open space to play. Play soccer, baseball, fly a kite – whatever you wish! In a crowded city, a park like 16th Street Park provides a welcome space to stretch out and breathe deep.


  • Its unique location allows you to watch the ports of Elizabeth across the water. On a sunny day, sit on one of the benches and watch the containers come off the large ships. Pay attention and see how many different types of watercraft sail past!


View of the water from 16th Street Park

View of the water from 16th Street Park


What 16th Street Park offers

  • Two playgrounds – one installed in 2015
  • Boat launch
  • Baseball field
  • Soccer field
  • Waterfront path
  • Gazebo
  • Restrooms
  • Parking lot
  • Tennis courts


Playground installed in 2016

Playground installed in 2015


16th Street Park is located at 16th Street and waterfront in Bayonne in Hudson County.


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    How could I rent the park for a birthday party ?

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