100 Writing Prompts for New Jersey Kids

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Why are some kids so reluctant to write? How can we make our kids want to write? Those are the questions that first came to mind when I started creating these 100 writing prompts for New Jersey kids.

I remember when my boys started school. They had wonderful teachers. In the lower grades each school day usually started with some time for writing. It was a great way for them to ease into the school day and also just let them get into the habit of writing.

As the school years go by writing becomes less about using their imagination and recalling experiences and more about writing for a purpose such as a book report or history project. Our kids start to think about writing as more of a chore than something that can be fun and rewarding. They tend not to want to do it.

When I initially had the brainstorm to create the Jersey Classroom, the writing prompts for New Jersey kids was the first thing I created. I felt like with all the virtual learning last year, that the writing process got lost. My sons weren’t being assigned to write for a purpose or pleasure. So I knew heading into this year I wanted my youngest who is virtual learning at home to have those writing experiences. He may have seen some of the other worksheets I’m creating for the Jersey Classroom, but he hasn’t seen the writing prompts yet.

Girl thinking and writing about writing prompts for New Jersey Kids

I created these 100 writing prompts for New Jersey kids over the course of three or four afternoons. I thought about all the places we’ve been in New Jersey over the past 10 years and the places I still want to take my children. Then I thought like a kid to think how could this place be the start of a wonderful story.

It’s my hope that as you share these writing prompts with your children it will launch their imagination. Maybe the two of you will brainstorm together. Then, you take 15-20 minutes to yourself while your child writes. Spelling doesn’t count. Mistakes don’t count. Just get your kid writing.

Print these writing prompts and have your child write on them or have them read the prompt and then write in a notebook or journal. It’s important that your child not try to type this on a computer. Give their eyes a break. Let them think without the distractions on a computer screen.

Black boy with glasses thinking about what he's writing in a notebook

It’s not just about having a distraction-free environment. There are two main fine motor skills involved in learning to write. The first is pencil grip and the second is letter formation. Having your kids write with a pencil or a pen is important for their fine motor skills and handwriting skills.

Let’s get our kids writing! After they’ve written their story or response to the prompt. Take some time to read it and then make sure to share some positive feedback with them about their writing.

I’d love to read the stories inspired by these prompts. If you ever want to share, feel free to send me an email at jenniferauer@jerseyfamilyfun.com or post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag @jerseyfamilyfun #JerseyClassroom.

black boy in yellow shirt reflects on New Jersey writing prompts before writing in notebook.

100 Writing Prompts for New Jersey Kids

The Jersey Classroom writing prompts for New Jersey kids were developed for students in grades fourth through sixth (4th and 6th), but any student looking to build their skills, get extra practice, or challenge themselves are welcome to take advantage of them.

Here’s the cool thing about writing… kids only need a prompt to get them started. If your child is younger let the prompt inspire them to draw a picture or write a few sentences. If your child is beyond 6th grade have him/her use the writing prompt to launch a full fledge story with different characters and such.

black girl looks up smiling while writing responses to writing prompts in a notebook

While you don’t need to, consider saving your child’s writing. Get a binder or a folder to hold the printed sheets or buy them a journal just for their writing. After 100 writing prompts and story starters you’re going to have a nice collection of your child’s work. I know as a mom, it’s their writing samples from school that I enjoy holding onto the most. Reading a child’s writing is like getting a glimpse inside their mind.

Do my kids need to be from New Jersey to use these writing prompts?

Absolutely not. Being from New Jersey will help but it’s not necessary to use these writing prompts for New Jersey kids. The writing prompts are inspired by places in New Jersey. Your child can either relate it to something similar in their state or they can take a few minutes to research the location online before writing.

white boy with glasses sitting at a kitchen table to write

Today’s Writing Prompt for New Jersey Kids

Beginning September 1, 2020, I will begin sharing writing prompts for New Jersey kids. There will be a different writing prompt for each school day, Monday – Friday, until December 21, 2020. From December 19, 2020 till January 1, 2021 no new writing prompts will be posted. We’ll be taking a winter break and encourage you all to do so as well. The writing prompts will be back on January 4, Mondays through Fridays, until January 29, 2021. Depending on what is happening with our schools and the popularity of this post, we may continue on beyond that.

These printable writing prompts with journal pages were created with Canva software. It’s easy to use. If you need to create your own printable items check out Canva with my affiliate link.  

What New Jersey Learning Standards are met by practicing writing every day?

The following New Jersey Learning Standards are tied to writing skills:


For grades fourth through sixth, these progress indicators are tied to spelling:

  • W.4.1
  • W.4.3
  • W.4.4
  • W.5.1
  • W.5.3
  • W.5.4
  • W.6.1
  • W.6.3
  • W.6.4

Want more writing prompts for New Jersey kids?

If you’ve missed our previous New Jersey-themed writing prompts and story starters or don’t want to have to visit our site each day for the latest writing prompt for New Jersey kids take a look at our Jersey Classroom options. By choosing one of three plans, you’ll be able to have access to past and future writing prompts by either visiting a closed Facebook group OR having access to your own online classroom where printables with writing prompts will be uploaded and stored for your use. I’m creating and uploading new writing prompts, educational worksheets and printables each school day.

I have also put together all 100 Writing Prompts for New Jersey Kids into an ebook and paperback that parents can buy for their children. You can buy the book at either of the links below.

white girl with red hair lays on her bed writing in a notebook while looking at a writing prompt for New Jersey kids.

Here are a few more ways for helping your kids build their writing skills.

5 Ways to help kids practice writing skills

Visit this page every week day

Every weekday this page will be updated with a new writing prompt. Get our book as listed above or come back here and download them for free.

Play Games

  • Play a board game or other family game that builds writing and story creating skills. One of our favorites has been The Storymatic Kids. Buy it with this Amazon affiliate link.
The storymatic kids game
Six gazillion stories in one little box. Which one will you tell? No wires. No screens. No batteries. Just pick a few of the cards and watch a story take shape before your eyes. How you tell it is up to you. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!
  • Rory’s Story Cubes, housed in a compact box, storycubes are perfect for telling stories wherever you go. Take them traveling, to school, camping or even to the restaurant and tell a story while you wait. Available with this Amazon affiliate link.

Keep your kids writing

Stock up on cool journals and story starter books. Having them around everywhere: their desk, the playroom, their book bag, in the car. You never know when the moment will strike when your kids may want to write. Be prepared. We’ll list our recommendations below.

  • The Time Capsule Journal: Children’s Edition by Taylor Leddin is a creative journal for now and later designed for children ages 6 to 10 years old. Kids answer half of the questions now, then come back in a few years and document how their answers have changed. This is a fun way for kids to see how they’ve grown and makes for a great keepsake! We were sent this to review. It’s a great easy way to get kids writing. Throw it in your bag and the next time you’re waiting somewhere and the kids are bored pull out the book to keep them busy. Get it with our affiliate link on Amazon.

Create a Comic Book

One of my sons’ favorite activities over the years has been to create superhero comic books. Sometimes they’ll design them on a computer or tablet based on what they learned at Apple Store Camps. Other times, they just grab regular paper and start drawing. What they don’t realize as they create those squares and fill them in with dialogue and text, they are practicing writing skills.

young child with glasses draws a comic book page to practice writing skills

Amazon sells a few different comic book kits. Some even let your child send in their comic book mock up and have it printed and returned as a real comic book. Learn more about each of these comic book kits with our affiliate links.

Canva - Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding White Book

Dear …

Maybe it’s Santa, maybe it’s grandma, maybe it’s the tooth fairy … It doesn’t matter who, get your kids writing letters. Head over to Canva and the kids can create their own stationary. Choose a blank paper size template or another template that matches your printer’s paper. Let the kids design their background with free pictures, shapes, and other text. Kids can even upload their own pictures. They can either use the Canva program to write their letter over the images OR print out the page at home and write the letter on the page. Each letter can be personalized.

Illustration Christmas Letter to Santa
Your kids can practice writing letters in Canva.

Check our Canva with our affiliate link. Yes, Canva is a free program with so many free elements and features. There are some extra options that can cost a $1 per use or you can join the pro plan like I have for less than $13 a month. Regardless of which option you choose, free or paid, using our affiliate link. helps support Jersey Family Fun. Make sure to download their letters as pdf files. It makes it much easier to print to your home printer.

More resources for building writing skills in kids

More resources for homeschooling and virtual learning in New Jersey

If you are new or have been homeschooling for years or are trying out virtual learning for the first time, we’re here to help. Click over to learn more about the Jersey Classroom, our way of providing free printables and educational worksheets for New Jersey students. Not in New Jersey? While these printables and worksheets are themed for kids in New Jersey they can be a great resource for any kids who like to have fun.

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