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100 Math Worksheets for New Jersey Kids

Math! When you start talking to parents about homeschooling and virtual learning, the one area most parents seem to be concerned about is math. No one wants to teach it. I’ve even seen that meme in the last few days, “Virtual Learning, do not disturb unless you have wine, or teach math.” What is it about math that makes it undesirable or overwhelming?

I don’t feel that way. Yes, when I was younger I didn’t have a love for math. It wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I didn’t develop my love for math till my adult years when I was teaching. Once I did, I was hooked. Now I’ve taken that passion for math and my love of New Jersey to create 100 math worksheets for New Jersey kids, as part of the Jersey Classroom.

These math worksheets won’t be your typical pages with problems all over them. Instead, they will have word problems that your kids will want to do. Yes, word problems. Because the type of math problems most kids don’t like are word problems. YET to get the kids engaged we need to use word problems. Trust me, when we start talking about Diggerland, Morey’s Piers, Six Flags Great Adventure, and the other fun things to do in New Jersey and how it is related to math your kids will enjoy math. They’ll see and learn how math really is relevant to their lives.

Moms, dads, caregivers.. we’ll make the math easy and fun for you too. Each math worksheet for New Jersey kids I create will have an accompanying answer sheet. I’ll share my work too. Nothings more frustrating that having your child get assigned the odd problems when only the answers to the even ones are in the back of the work. It can be just as frustrating to have the answers but then not know how to solve a problem to get to that answer.

While these math worksheets aren’t intended to teach, but rather supplement what your child is learning through their in-school, virtual learning, or homeschooling curriculum, they can be a valuable way to build on the lessons your child is receiving. The math printables will be a way you can show your child that the lessons they are learning are important and relevant.

One more quick thing to note, I am developing these math worksheets with New Jersey Learning Standards for grades 4th through 6th in mind. On each worksheet there will be a notation at the bottom for which New Jersey Learning Standard the worksheet correlates to.

The word math on a bulletin board with other numbers and math symbols

100 Math Worksheets for New Jersey Kids

The Jersey Classroom math worksheets and printables will be developed for students in grades fourth through sixth (4th and 6th), but any student looking to build their skills, get extra practice, or challenge themselves are welcome to take advantage of them.

math worksheet with addition problems and a pencil laying on the paper.
These math worksheets for New Jersey kids will not look like your traditional boring math worksheet.

The Jersey Classroom Math Syllabus

  • Mondays – Measurement & Charts math worksheets
    • Converting from smaller measurements to larger measurements and larger measurements to smaller measurements.
    • Converting between measurement systems
    • Using charts to get and calculate information
    • Using graphs to compare and measure items: bar graphs, picture graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, etc.
  • Tuesdays – Arithmetic math worksheets
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, and place value
    • Factors and multiples
  • Wednesdays – Geometry math worksheets
    • Area
    • Perimeter
    • Volume
    • Surface Area
    • Lines & Angles
    • Graphing
    • 2D and 3D shapes and figures
  • Thursdays – Toss Up Thursdays math worksheets
    • Patterns
    • Currency
    • Time
    • Ratio
    • Equations
    • Sales Tax
    • Greater than, less than, equal to
    • Rate
    • Percentages
    • & More
  • Fridays – Fraction Fridays math worksheets
    • Adding and subtracting fractions with similar denominators
    • Multiplying and dividing fractions with similar denominators
    • Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators
    • Multiplying and dividing fractions with different denominators
    • Equivalent fractions
    • Comparing fractions
black girl solves a math multiplication problem on a dry erase board
These math worksheets are going to give your child confidence to solve math problems in front of their peers.

Today’s Math Worksheet of the Day for New Jersey Kids

Beginning September 1, 2020, I will begin sharing math worksheets for New Jersey kids. There will be a different worksheet for each school day, Monday – Friday, until December 21, 2020. From December 19, 2020 till January 1, 2021 no new worksheets will be posted. We’ll be taking a winter break and encourage you all to do so as well. The math worksheets will be back on January 4, Mondays through Fridays, until January 29, 2021. Depending on what is happening with our schools and the popularity of this post, we may continue on beyond that.

As you’ve seen above I will be covering a variety of math topics. The printable worksheet will meet one or more New Jersey learning standards for math and will be done in a way that is relevant to your child, but also fun.

Not all, but most of the math worksheets will involve word problems. This is done for a few reasons.

  • Students tend to struggle more with word problems than anything else, so practice in this area is crucial to future math success. Our students need to understand that reading is just as important as math when it comes to building math skills.
  • It’s easier to make a math problem fun and engaging when the problem is written around situations relevant to a student.
  • Most standardized tests are developed with a significant number of math word problems.

Today’s Math Topic is Fraction Friday – Design a waterpark.

Answer Key

There will be an answer key to correspond with each math worksheet. My answer key will not only reveal the answer, but I will also show my work so that you will be better able to help your child. If you still have a question you can email me at I will also be available for online tutoring.

Download or click on the file below to see today’s answer key.

These worksheets were created with Canva software. It’s easy to use. If you need to create your own printable items check out Canva with my affiliate link.  

Want more math worksheets for New Jersey kids?

If you’ve missed our previous math worksheets or don’t want to visit our site every day, hang tight, I’m also looking to put together all 100 math worksheets for New Jersey Kids into an ebook and paperback that parents can buy for their children. I will let you know when that’s available.

I’m creating and uploading new math worksheets and printables each school week.

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In the meantime, here are a few more resources for helping your kids build their math skills.

5 Ways to help kids build strong math skills

Play Games

Play a board game or other family game that builds vocabulary skills. Some of my favorites include Danger Noodle, Multiplication Slam, Monopoly, Pet Me, Battleship, and Election Night. All are available on Amazon with my affiliate link.

Multiplication Slam Educational Insights 2
Multiplication Slam, Challenging, but fun

Make Flash Cards

You are probably familiar with flash cards for simple math problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. But math flash cards can be used for harder math concepts too. Use them to help your child remember formulas, shapes, conversions between measurements, types of graphs, types of money, harder math vocabulary. There’s really no limit on what you can create math flash cards for.

It’s as simple as using index cards and writing one part of the problem or fact on one side and the other on the other. For example, for a child learning shapes, draw the shape on one side of the card and the word for it on the other. For a student learning formulas, the formula’s name goes on one side and the formula on the other. The great thing with flash cards like that is you can use them either way. Test if they can name the formula or say what the forumla is. Can they draw the shape to match the name or can they name the shape you show them?

child looks at math flash card with addition problem

If you don’t have index cards cut down a regular sheet of paper into smaller squares. If you want to make it a little more fun, buy some colored index cards to use.

Use it!

Like anything else, the more our kids use math on a daily basis the more they will retain it. Have them use it whenever you can. At the grocery store have them find you the cereal that has the lowest price. At a concession stand, your child can figure out how much they can buy with a $10 bill. Let them pay and determine if they got the correct amount of change.

male with a handful of coins and a cup

Visiting an amusement park? Have your child remember their height in inches and then compare that to each ride’s height requirement. Is their height greater than, less than, or equal to the height requirement? Put the park map to good use and see if your child can navigate your family around the park without getting lost.

Diggerland Height Requirements
Diggerland Height Requirements

Back at home, put the kids to work with meal prep. Kids can count out the ingredients. They can measure out ingredients that need measuring. Perhaps even let them pick out their own measuring cups from these kids measuring cups on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Have Random Moments of Math

This might sound a little corny, but ever since my kids started elementary school I would have random moments of math with them. What’s a random moment of math? It’s when I’ll just blurt out a math problem or question for them to solve. It can be in the middle of cooking dinner or the middle of a drive somewhere. I’ll just say something like, “What’s 9 times 8?” or “What’s 3 to the third power?” Sometimes I tailor the questions to each individual child and other times it’s a test to see who can answer correctly first.

As my boys have gotten older, I’ve made the questions more difficult. But they are always math questions that they should be able to answer quickly because they either know the answer automatically or they can do it in their head.

Look for examples of Math around you

Math is everywhere! It’s in the shapes we see in our neighborhood. Stop signs are octagonal. Traffic lights are rectangular with circles inside it. Tables can be square, rectangles, circles, or ovals.

Photo of stop sign on top of a right turn only sign

Signs list prices. Cash registers calculate totals. Cashiers give change when you pay with cash.

Photo of a store with tables of clothing and discount sale signs on top in red.

Challenge your kids to look for examples of math that they see all around them. Maybe even have a math scavenger hunt. When kids see how much math is used on a daily basis they can have a whole new appreciation for it.

More resources for building math skills in kids

Coming soon.

More resources for homeschooling and virtual learning in New Jersey

If you are new or have been homeschooling for years or are trying out virtual learning for the first time, we’re here to help. Click over to learn more about the Jersey Classroom, our way of providing free printables and educational worksheets for New Jersey students. Not in New Jersey? While these printables and worksheets are themed for kids in New Jersey they can be a great resource for any kids who like to have fun.

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Tuesday 1st of June 2021

These ideas are brilliant. I agree with you that fun math activities can help students in learning math. But in my point of view, practicing is the best way to make perfect. So I have my son to do math worksheets whenever he has free time. I usually get the free math worksheets from Beestar. My son is getting better and better by doing more and more worksheets.

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