100 Days of School Celebration Ideas ~ Activities, Crafts, Snack Ideas & More

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Woohoo! Can you believe it, we have made it to 100 Days of School? For some of you, who have had lots and lots of snow, this celebration may be a few days ahead. All the more reason for you to read below and get some ideas on how to help your favorite kid celebrate their 100th day of school with our ideas for celebrating 100 days of school.


100 Days of School Celebration Ideas


I wrote this years back (2014) when my boys were celebrating their first 100 school days. They’d spend weeks in class learning to count to 100 in tens and we would bring in a few things to help with the 100 days of school parties. It’s a few years later and these traditions continue. Our ideas below have still been a big hit. Over the years, we’ve learned about new ways kids can celebrate the 100th day of school. We’ve added some new 100th day of school activities and created a 100th day of school printable for you. These ideas are a collection shared by his past teachers, what I’ve found on the web, and my own imagination. They are ideas that can be shared with classmates or done at home.


100 Days of School Celebration Ideas


We combined Valentine’s Day with the 100th Day of School Celebration with these cookies.

100 Days of School Snacks

  • 100 Day Cookies
    • I created cookies to represent the number 100. Because in the past the 100th day of school fell on Valentine’s Day, I made the zeros with heart cookie cutters. (See the image above.)
  • 100 Day Soup
    • From his teacher, each student was asked to bring in 100 edible items like Cheerios, fruit loops, etc. The students would then create their own ‘soup’ by mixing the items together. (If done at home, scale it down, add 10 of 10 different items.)


  • Make rice krispie treats in the shape of the number 100.


100 Days of School Take Home favors

100 Days of School printable word find


Ways to Celebrate 100 Days of School Activities

1oo Days of School Activities

  • Find items at home or in your classroom that can be counted. What do you have 100 of? different pasta shapes, legos, race cars, stickers
  • Create the number 100 from pasta shapes, M&Ms, Cheerios, etc.
  • Make a 100 day picture- Use the number 100 as the inspiration for a picture. Would the zero’s be eyes, windows, faces? How can your child creatively illustrate the number 100?
  • Oriental Trading’s Collection of 100 Days of School activity pages includes Color Your Own Whooo’s 100 Days Wiser Posters that will have kids coloring and remembering what they have been learning all year long. Click over to find more great teaching supplies on Oriental Trading not just for holidays but also for year-round.


Color Your Own Whooo’s 100 Days Wiser Posters


  • Name it – Have your child make a list of 100 items. Can he/she name 100 people that they love, friends, animals, places to go, things they like to eat.
  • List it – Make a list of 100 things they’ve learned this year.
  • What would they do? What would your child do with 100 pennies? 100 nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars? You get the idea.


100 Days of School Crafts

  • Make a necklace – Collect 100 beads, cheerios, fruit loops, etc. to create a colorful necklace.
  • Create a collage with 100 pictures taken from around the classroom or school.


100 Days of School Story Time

Looking through Amazon (the links ahead are affiliate links), we found these children books about 100 days of school.


We hope you enjoy our ideas. (Just think 80 school days left.)


Do you have your own ideas to share about celebrating 100 school days? How did your child’s class celebrate? We’d love to hear about it.


Don’t forget to pin our 100 Days of School Celebration Ideas so you’ll have it for next year’s celebrations too.

100 days of school celebration ideas


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