Our 10 Favorite Moments from Diggerland USA Opening Day

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This post was sponsored by Sahara Sam’s & Diggerland USA who are Jersey Family Fun Partners in Fun. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do with families in New Jersey we think your family may enjoy.


Diggerland USA Opening Day!

Ever since January 2014, when we first learned of Sahara Sam’s plan to bring Diggerland USA to Berlin, New Jersey, we were excited. Then, we were there for the Diggerland USA media day and we got a little bit of a sneak peak of the fun to come during that first season. We experienced a few rides that day but sent other Jersey Family Fun writers during the summer to share their experiences with you. This year… though… my boys couldn’t wait for Diggerland USA Opening Day.


It was cold, but that wouldn’t keep us from having fun. We went on every ride, some multiple times. Since the crowds avoided the cold, it allowed us to play, dig, and ride to our hearts’ content without any significant wait times. Here’s our 10 favorite moments from opening day at Diggerland USA.


Our 10 Favorite Moments from Diggerland USA Opening Day


  • 1 –  Big Diggers – Every little kid wants to learn to operate a real digger! This was their chance.  Weighing in at a whopping 7,092 pounds, and with a powerful 26.8hp engine, kids can dig until their hearts are content on the JCB 8030’s. This supervised attraction offers family-friendly machinery and the chance to really get down and dirty!


Diggerland Big Diggers


  • 2 – Photo Ops with the fun Sahara Sam’s Chair


Diggerland Being Silly


  • 3 – Mini Diggers: Bowlers – This was another blast for the kiddos.  They love bowling, they love the diggers, why not combine them! No special shoes required for this game of EXTREME bowling! Your “Bowling Ball” is attached to the arm of a JCB 8018 mini-excavator! Manipulate the arm and see if you can knock down all of the pins! Sounds easy—but it’s not when you’re controlling over 2 tons of steel!


Diggerland Bowling with Diggers


  • 4  – Rock Climbing Wall.  All three boys liked to get in on the action of the rock wall. It’s 32 feet tall.  They had a blast trying to climb as high as they could go.


Diggerland Climbing Wall


  • 5 – Dumper Trucks – Another fun ride for the boys.  They loved the little obstacle course that they had to drive through.


Diggerland Dumper Trucks


  • 6 – Mini Diggers: Treasure.  We loved this fun ride. The kiddos thought it was so awesome to actually try to dig up treasure.  They were in the JCB 8018 CTS mini-excavator, controlling 4,017 pounds of diesel as they moved the earth in front of them! The object is to see if they can find the hidden loot.  They could have been kept busy for hours trying to find the treasure.


Diggerland Digging for Gold


  • 7 – Mini Land Rovers – What’s not to love about driving your very own Mini Land Rover.  This was great because the boys felt like they were really driving their own cars.  They wanted to go on this again and again.


Diggerland Driving Cars


  • 8 – WorkMax Trucks – Better than the Mini Land Rovers were the WorkMax Trucks. They are the newest fleet of Diggerland machines – the JCB WorkMax 4 by 4 All-Terrain Vehicles. The trucks feature independent rear suspension, electronic four wheel drive with differential locking, steel tipping cargo beds and 265 millimeters of go-anywhere clearance.


Diggerland Workmax Trucks


  • 9 – The Kid Zone – Fun for everyone at The Kids Zone.  It was a great little place to stop and let the kids climb and slide. It kept them busy so that I could take a moment or two to relax and take a breather.


Diggerland playground


  • 10 – Equipment Stunt Show –  Diggerland hosts a daily machinery stunt show featuring heavy equipment acrobatics under the direction of Backhoe Brandon.  Brandon is highly skilled equipment operator capable of maneuvering JCB 3CX Backhoes in ways you previously thought might be impossible. Brandon is only part of the show… wait till you meet the whole team! We had such a blast watching what Brandon would come up with, it was absolutely amazing to see what these machines could really do.


Diggerland Stunt Show


What will be your child’s favorite moment at Diggerland?


Diggerland USA is located, behind Sahara Sam’s at

535 North Route 73
West Berlin, NJ 08091


Please visit the Diggerland USA’s website or call (856) 768 – 1110 for more information.


To view more Diggerland’s photos visit our Facebook photo album. Below is just a preview. Watch more Diggerland videos on our Diggerland Playlist on YouTube.


This post was sponsored by Sahara Sam’s & Diggerland USA who are Jersey Family Fun Partners in Fun. All opinions are our own and based on our experience at Diggerland USA.

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