Our Visit to Creamy Acres Farm

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Introducing Creamy Acres Farm

Our family comes from a long line of farmers in New Jersey. It is no surprise then that we love visiting as many New Jersey farms as possible during the fall season. This year we added Creamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill to our list of farm visits. We had a wonderful time and were very happy with our experience. Our group was made up of various adults as well as two 10 year old boys and a 2 1/2 year old girl.  We quickly found that there was fun for all ages.




As we pulled into the Creamy Acres Farm parking lot we were amazed by how many people were there and just how large the farm is. There were over one hundred cars in the lot and hundreds of people doing various things throughout the farm. When we first approached we went to the ticket window. There are various types of tickets depending on what you want to do. The following is a list of all of the ticket options they offer, courtesy of their website.


Creamy Acres Farm fall admission prices for 2016

ONLY – $5.00
(Child & Adults)
(*Pumpkins are .55 cents a pound & small pumpkins $3)

All Day Pass – (Bracelet)
– $12.00 (3 – 12yrs old)

(children under 2 FREE)


Creamy Acres Farm activities included in an all day pass

  • Hayrides to Pumpkin Patch
    (*Pumpkins are .55 cents a pound)
  • Kiddie Corn Maze (Prizes)
  • Field of Fun
    • (appropriate for kids 12 and under)
      • Cow Train
      • Tire Mountain
      • Spooky Straw Maze
      • Corn Pit
    • (below is appropriate for kids and adults)

      • Corn Hole Games
      • Large Checker Boards
      • Pumpkin Bowling
      • Sac Races
      • Pedal Karts

Creamy Acres Farm free activities

  • Barnyard Walk (Petting Area)
  • Playground


We went to Creamy Acres Farm on a Saturday so we bought the all day passes for the two boys. Our first stop was to their snack bar to grab some lunch. The prices are amazing and the staff is very helpful. Most drinks are $1.00 and snacks are from $2 to $4.  (Don’t miss out on their fabulous warm apple walnut pie with caramel for $3!)


Once we were fed, we went to visit the Creamy Acres petting zoo. There are animals all over the farm but right behind their main building there is a small area for the kids to see many animals up close.  My niece particularly liked the chickens, who were surprisingly very friendly.  The zoo also had goats, rabbits, cows (too many to count!), pigs, sheep & more.




Next we got in line for the hayride to the Creamy Acres pumpkin patch. The ride goes through their Night of Terror that is open at nighttime. There are 6 haunted attractions, including a Haunted Paintball Hayride where guests use mounted paintball guns to shoot zombies. We saw the painted zombies and the daylight on the hayride. It was creepy! The pumpkin patch we stopped at was very small but is perfect for kids. The pumpkins were in plain sight and there weren’t any vines to trip over.




Our last stop was at the Field of Fun, that is available everyday only in September & October from 1 pm to 4 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. It features a Spooky Straw Maze, Tire Mountain, Corn Pit, Cow Train and Pedal Karts. The kids were so tired from all of the activities at the farm, they all fell asleep on the way home!


Creamy Acres is located at 448 Lincoln Mill Road in Mullica Hill, NJ.  They are open Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.


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