10 Ways to Use Halloween Candy to Teach Math

Posted on: October 31st, 2017 by

We originally published this listing of ways to use Halloween candy to teach math in 2012.


10 Ways to Use Halloween Candy to Teach Math (2)


You know I have a Love Hate Relationship with Candy. So this time of year is particularly challenging and requires a bit of flexibility on my part. I know not everyone feels the same way I do. So we offer something for everyone. From candy-free ideas for Halloween to over 30 ideas for what to do with leftover Halloween candy.


In math, teachers often use manipulatives or learning tools to teach kids about math. So as Halloween comes to a close we share our ideas for using candy to teach kids about math.


Ways to use Candy to Teach Math

  • Count the candy by ones, twos, fives, and tens.
  • Use it to learn how to add & subtract.
  • Use groups to show how multiplication is a short cut to addition.
  • Break it into groups to help kids understand division and remainders.
  • Sort by color, shape, variety, kind of candy.
  • Break out a scale and weigh.
  • Use a ruler and measure it.
  • Estimation, how many candies are there? How much do they weigh?
  • Use the calorie count to talk about more than, less than, and equal too.
  • Create geometric shapes with candy.


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