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The boys and I picked this Dinosaur Clipboard Activity Pack toy up last week from The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.


The Dinosaur Clipboard Activity Pack is awesome!!! It’s usually a difficult task for me to find something for the kids that is reasonably priced and will not be easily destroyed. This toy was priced at $6.99 and came in it’s own carrying case.  Already it met two of my preferred toy requirements.


I think we were only home 5 minutes (from seeing the dinosaurs) when the boys started itching to open their new toy. Normally, this wouldn’t be a good idea. I got concerned. Oh no, would this be another toy that the kids would get through in just a few minutes? I was worried that the coloring and activity sheets would be completed before dinner was even on the table.


My concerns were unwarranted. This Dinosaur Clipboard Activity Pack comes loaded with activities. Although, I am not sure why it is called a clipboard activity pack because there is no clipboard. The box with the sheets is very sturdy and stays closed by a strong magnet.


The Dinosaur Clipboard Activity Pack includes:

  • 36 pages of Activity Sheets
  • 36 pages of Free Play Sheets
  • 8 Dinosaur Stencils
  • over 200 Dinosaur Stickers
  • Dinosaur Poster
  • 5 stackable crayons


I really love the activity sheets. Even when I divided them up between 2 boys there were more than could be completed at one time. The activity pages are colorful and varied. There are matching pages, puzzle pages, drawing pages, color-by-number pages. There are pages to put the stickers on. {No worries about where those 200 stickers are going to go;)} The color-by-number pages have a colorful color key, meaning that your child won’t need to keep asking you what to color the 1 area, 2 area, and so forth. The sheets are simple enough to be completed by preschoolers and still intricate enough that a young school-aged child will not be bored with it.


The free-play sheets are black and white activity sheets. Fabulous!! Now the husband or I can photocopy them and get repeated uses out of them. In fact I could photocopy them and the kids can use them with their Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center (an earlier toy review Tuesday blog). I love that someone was clever enough to think of this.


The poster is cute. It shows a few dinosaurs and labels them by their name. Another way for me to keep track of which is which. ;) (How do kids keep track of all that?)


The 5 piece stackable crayon, I am not so impressed with. The colors don’t seem as vibrant as they should. Unfortunately, the red tip broke off the red piece. But in all honestly, this isn’t enough to ruin the toy for me. Kids can just use their own crayons.


When I was first considering this package the stencils got my attention. I figured long after the pages are done and crayons used perhaps the stencils would still be usuable. The stencils are cut out from carboard. There are 4 stencils to each sheet. They include small and large dinosaurs, a footprint, and a palm tree. At first glance it does seem they will hold up to a considerable amount of wear and tear. The kit comes with a small supply of white paper for the kids to practice stencilling. The crayons were designed with very narrow tips (probably why they are easily breakable) but that probably helps with using them with the stencils. My boys haven’t tried the stencils yet. The activity pages and stickers have kept them plenty busy.


All in all, the toy has turned out to be a better value than I expected. :D If there’s a dinosaur-loving child in your family or circle of friends, and you are looking for a cool gift, this is it.


This content, authored by Jennifer Auer, was originally written for Professor of Play, May 2010.

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