Road Trip Must Haves ~ Terrific Travel Gear for Families

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The car organizers, backpacks, luggage, travel gear and the other products listed in our Terrific Travel Gear are based on ones we have experience with, were sent to us from brands for testing, or whose marketing team paid to be featured here. Where possible we have included online affiliate links to help make your gift buying process easier. When you make a purchase using those links Jersey Family Fun receives a small commission that helps us maintain this website.


Road Trip! Three day weekend…..road trip… Off for a school vacation…road trip….a day of playing hookey…road trip. We love traveling with our kids. We love blogging about travel. So we spend A LOT of time traveling in our car. Whether it’s an hour to a local zoo, going into New York City for a show, or Philadelphia for a museum, we spend a lot of time in our car and a lot of time packing and unpacking and figuring out the best way to carry around the stuff we need. It’s through those experiences that we’ve come to learn what kinds of products can make our lives easier when taking road trips and family vacations. Take a look at what we’ve tested and are recommending as terrific travel gear for families. We hope you’ll find them to be as valuable as we have in making family travel easier and more pleasurable.


If you represent a brand with a product that would like to be included on this list, please contact  [email protected].


Road Trip Must Haves


Road Trip Must Haves ~ Terrific Travel Gear for Families

Car Organizers for Families

Coming soon, we’ll be sharing our top picks for keeping your travel and sports gear organized in your family car.



Great luggage options for families

Cool, functional, and stylish suitcases for tweens and teens

As our children get older and become tweens and teens, having stylish luggage is just as important as having a backpack or suitcase that is functional. We


Fun and functional backpacks and suitcases for kids

Kids love suitcases in fun designs like animals or their favorite characters. But parents want functional kids luggage that does more than look cute. As we find new favorites for kids luggage we’ll share our recommendations below.


For Keeping Kids through Teens Happy in Cars and Planes

Coming soon we’ll be sharing MORE of our favorite travel toys and activity books to keep kids happy and teens entertained on weekend trips and extended vacations by car and plane.

Gamevice Mobile Controller

The Gamevice is a portable controller that fits in your pocket and allows you to turn iPhone or Android phones and tablets into a portable gaming console. Gamevice features the same triggers, buttons, and joysticks as home consoles and supports more than 1,000 games including MinecraftThe Gamevice controller offers high-end features including: no latency, rubberized analog sticks, lightning cable pass through, an eight-way analog D-pad and a lightweight / ergonomic form that puts the console experience in the palm of player’s hands. Gamevice also brings these precise controls and comfortable design to users of devices outside of games including drones, robots, toy cars, and more.

Use this link to buy the Gamevice Mobile Controller on Amazon for about $99.


We think children’s music and children’s books can also be a great way to keep kids entertained in the car as well. Click over for our suggestions for children’s music and children’s books.


Travel Safety Gear for Kids, Electronics, and Valuables

Keep your kids safe with these travel products.


Travel gear to keep your electronics and valuables safe while traveling.




What is one item you MUST HAVE on your family road trip?


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