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Do you have news to share about an event your planning? Are you walking for a special cause? Have you created an event or program to honor someone or educate New Jersey families about an issue?


If so, Saturdays are for Sharing is for you.  Similar to Fans Favorite Fridays, this is a column for families to share with each other. Unlike the Fans Favorite Fridays, this column is for you to share news about programs and events you are planning in New Jersey.


  • Tell us about an event you are hosting and why.
  • Share with us why and how you are raising funds for a charity.
  • Give us information about an upcoming project you are involved with.

Who can write?

  • Anyone from a child to a senior, but no sponsored posts by employees who will earn a financial gain from an article being on Jersey Family Fun. (If you have a business interested in sponsoring a post, please email us [email protected])

What can they write about?

  • Any event or program in New Jersey. Use words, pictures, or a combination of the two to tell your story.
  • Just keep it positive and not like a sales pitch. We’re talking about places you like to go.

What else?

  • Don’t worry about your spelling. That’s what spell check is for. :)
  • You will keep all the credit for your work. The author’s name will appear in the byline and your photos will be credited to you.
  • Email them to [email protected] with Saturdays are for Sharing in the subject line. Each week we’ll share the articles on Saturday.
  • No need to know any html or web coding, we’ve got that covered too. ;) We’ll get your article up and will link it up to other categories too making it easier for our fans to search for the information they want to know.
  • Questions, just ask [email protected]

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Jennifer Auer is the hyperlocal mom blogger who runs Jersey Family Fun. From New Jersey, this mom of 3 boys just can’t sit still! Her husband likes to say she’s a work-at-home mom who never stays home. Jennifer started traveling as a child and hasn’t stopped since. Instead of letting her husband and boys slow her down, she brings them along! Did you know that boys behave better when they are out exploring? As her boys start to become teens there’s still so many places she wants to discover with them both across the U.S. and internationally. She has been a Jersey Girl for 20+ years, and a Jersey Mom for 8+ years and a New Jersey mom blogger for 7 years, although she'd much rather be referred to as an influencer or just by name. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Bryant University in Rhode Island.

2 thoughts on “Saturdays are for Sharing

  1. Fawn Ireland-Forbes says:


    Hours: Monday-Friday noon-7pm

    Saturday-Sunday 10am-8pm

    Northfield Firehouse Burton Avenue off Tilton & Mill Roads

    Northfield, NJ


    • Thanks Fawn. If you would like more readers to see this consider writing us a story about the Christmas Tree Fundraiser, how it supports Boy Scouts and such and we can run it in an upcoming Saturdays are for Sharing post – Jenn

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