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This post was made possible by the Habit Burger Grill who provided dinner for my family to enjoy. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families New Jersey restaurants we think your family may enjoy.


It’s Dinner Time!


We’re a family of five, with three kids between the ages of four and nine. Eating meals out can get pretty tricky, partially because our schedules are crazy and also because it’s exhausting to try and figure out a place where everyone wants to go eat. When The Habit Burger Grill (their website) offered to come have us test their menu out, we were actually all in agreement – LET’S DO IT!


habit burger grill

We couldn’t wait to check out The Habit Burger Grill in Eatontown.


The menu had plenty of options for us. They offer choices like burgers, grilled sandwiches and fresh salads. We also loved the beverage choices: besides the usual soft drinks, they offered an assortment of fresh brewed iced teas as well as a delicious strawberry limeade. After we decided what we were ordering, we were handed a buzzer to notify us when our food was ready. Everything is made fresh to order at The Habit Burger Grill, but even still, we did not wait very long for our food. By the time we had grabbed our drinks, some ketchup and (of course) extra napkins, it was ready. The kids were so excited to see our buzzer light up because they were ready to eat!


We loved the fresh brewed drink selections!

We loved the fresh brewed drink selections!


While I love burgers, I was intrigued to see the Super Food Salad on the menu when we walked in. Made with baby kale, quinoa, and grilled chicken, it sounded delicious and I couldn’t resist. It was perfect! My husband went for the Original Double Char, a burger with two patties, and I may have snuck a taste (or three)! The burgers at The Habit Burger Grill taste just as fresh as their salads. My kids loved the choices on the Kid Favorites menu, and they all decided on the chicken nuggets with fries. There was not one speck of food left behind and they were thrilled to see that their meals came with a gummy cheeseburger for dessert. It was a great touch.


The Super Food Salad: baby kale, grilled chicken, quinoa, feta cheese... so delicious!

The Super Food Salad: baby kale, grilled chicken, quinoa, feta cheese… so delicious!


The Habit Burger Grill was the perfect option for a dinner with the family. The food was delicious, the service was great, and we left feeling full and satisfied. We can’t wait to head back for another meal soon!



To see more photos from our dining experience, see our Habit Burger Grill photo album on our Jersey Family Fun Facebook page. To learn more about the Habit Burger Grill hours and locations visit their website.


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In full disclosure, Habit Burger Grill provided a meal for my family to enjoy to make this story possible. My opinions are honest and based on my experiences.



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