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First Street Playground – Atlantic County Parks & Playgrounds


First Street Playground in Northfield, NJ


3 Reasons My Family Loves First Street Playground


  • This playground is set in the middle of a small neighborhood on a dead end road, so there is very little traffic in the area, and often when we stop by, we are the only ones there.


  • First Street Playground is located near the bike path in Northfield, so it is the perfect place to stop and play while taking that walk or bike ride with the family.


  • Several jungle gyms and climbers are available, as well as swings to keep kids of all ages entertained.


First Street Playground in Northfield, NJ


 What First Street Playground Offers:

  • Plenty of nearby on street parking
  • Open grassy areas surrounding the play area for children to play tag/catch, etc.
  • Lots of slides, all different heights and styles
  • Swings, baby and regular
  • Lots of areas to climb
  • Close by access to the Northfield bike path
  • Benches for caregivers
  • Mulch around jungle gyms to provide a soft surface
  • School bus jungle gym


First Street Playground in Northfield, NJ


First Street Playground is located at the corner of First Street and Franklin Avenue in Northfield, New Jersey.


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