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As I began the task this week of creating pages for each county, something that had been on my mental to-do list for a while, one thing became abundantly clear. Say what you will about New Jersey, but we are blessed beyond belief with a multitude of parks, libraries, theatres, family-friendly attractions and more.


All of these places are opportunities for our families. Opportunities worth exploring. Opportunities to make incredible memories. So many more opportunities than one mom can possibly write about. With that in mind, I’m creating Fans Favorite’s Fridays. Because of all of you, our fan base is growing. I want to hear from you and I am pretty sure you want to hear from each other.


Fans Favorite’s Fridays will be your opportunity to share your favorite spots in New Jersey with other families in New Jersey.

  • Tell us your favorite memory created somewhere in New Jersey.
  • Share with us why a certain spot is your family’s favorite.
  • Give us a review of someplace your family has been that you think other families should check out.

Who can write?

  • Anyone from a child to a senior.

What can they write about?

  • Any location in New Jersey. Use words, pictures, or a combination of the two to tell your story.
  • Just keep it positive. We’re talking about places you like to go.

What else?

  • Don’t worry about your spelling. That’s what spell check is for. :)
  • You will keep all the credit for your work. The author’s name will appear in the byline and your photos will be credited to you.
  • Email them to [email protected] with Fans Favorite’s Fridays in the subject line. Each week we’ll share the articles on Friday.
  • No need to know any html or web coding, we’ve got that covered too. ;) We’ll get your article up and will link it up to other categories too making it easier for our fans to search for the information they want to know.
  • Questions, just ask [email protected]


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