Animal Adventures! Our Favorite Zoos to Visit with Your Family

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What is it about an up-close-and-personal visit with animals that makes kids of any age excited? A visit to a zoo is one of the only places where I can take all of my kids where no one will ever complain or get bored. While some zoos stay open year-round, our personal favorite time of year to visit a zoo is the spring. The animals are frisky and love being outside after a long winter season, and the kids can run around and enjoy the sights without over-heating.


We at Jersey Family Fun have pulled together a listing of all of the zoos in New Jersey – plus a few in our surrounding metro areas. We think your kids will love a visit, and so will you!


Animal Adventures


New Jersey Zoos


Other Places to View Animals in NJ


Pennsylvania Zoos Local to NJ


New York Zoos Local to NJ


 Where is your favorite place to see animals?


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One thought on “Animal Adventures! Our Favorite Zoos to Visit with Your Family

  1. bertha argandona says:

    This is a very helpful guide for my daughters, grandchildren and my mother we akways looking for inexpensive places to see and have a great day.
    We are very pleased that peopke like you can make others happy with a little be of money or not their is not excuses to have fun with the family. We are very gracious that our Creator created all this wounderful things for us to enjoy and take care. Thank you so much. God Bless You❤️😄🙏

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